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Saudi Steel Pipe Company – Saudi Aramco Sign USD 80.47 Million Contract

Saudi Steel

A contract has been signed between Saudi Steel Pipe Company and Saudi Aramco for the supply of oil and gas steel pipes worth USD 80.47 million. Aug 8, 2023 Saudi Steel Pipe Company has signed an agreement with Saudi Aramco worth USD 80.47 million to supply oil and gas steel pipes for a period of […]

Tenaris S.A. to Acquire Mattr’s Pipe Coating Business for USD 166 Million


Tenaris S.A. has signed an agreement for USD 166 million to acquire 100 percent shares of Bredero Shaw International BV, a subsidiary of Mattr, holding pipe coating business. The transaction is expected to be completed in approximately six months. Aug 14, 2023 Tenaris S.A. announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of […]

IOC Signs Long-Term LNG Import Deals with ADNOC, TotalEnergies

indian oil corporation

IOC has signed long-term LNG import deals with UAE-based Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited (ADNOC) and France-based TotalEnergies. As per agreements, ADNOC will supply 1.2 million tonnes per annum of LNG for 14 years, starting in 2026, whereas TotalEnergies will supply 0.8 million tonnes a year of LNG for 10 years starting in 2026. […]

GAIL & LanzaTech Tie-Up for Pilot-Scale Carbon Capture, Conversion Project Exploration


GAIL and US-based LanzaTech have come together to research the possibilities of setting up a pilot-scale carbon capture and conversion project. As per GAIL’s chairman, LanzaTech’s carbon capture and utilization technology will enhance GAIL’s environmental stewardship and open up new avenues for driving sustainability across its operations.  Jul 18, 2023 GAIL has reportedly tied up […]

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