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18th Pipeline Technology Conference Explores Key Industrial Trends Including Decarbonization & CO2 Transportation

The 18th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) was held in Berlin from May 8-11, 2023. The conference attracted participants from 58 countries across the globe and provided a platform for discussion and exploration of key trends and events in the pipeline industry worldwide, such as decarbonization and CO2 transportation.

May 17, 2023

pipeline technology
Prof. Andreas Goldthau presenting keynote speech of ptc 2023

The 18th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) was held in Berlin from May 8-11, 2023. The conference was attended by 1,000 participants from 58 countries across the world and 82 companies exhibited at the event. 83 pipeline operating companies also sent delegations to attend the conference. The conference explored a range of pivotal topics for the international pipeline industry, including regional developments in the booming African pipeline market, the decarbonization of the pipeline industry, the impact of climate adaptation and geohazards on pipeline infrastructure, the future of CO2 transportation, and perspectives for the pipeline market in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Ptc 2023 conference’s keynote speech by Prof. Andreas Goldthau addressed the topic “Energy security, decarbonization, and the clean transition: Implications for policy and infrastructure”. The core of ptc 2023 was the comprehensive technical program that involved over 100 presentations across 34 technical sessions which were conducted in six concurrent tracks and provided deep insight into the latest developments and advancements in pipeline technology.

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Apart from the annual highlights, some new themes were also launched, including the “Global Women in Pipeline” kick-off event, the newly set up “ptc Young Pipeliners Engagement Committee”, and the introduction of the best paper award for young pipeliners, dedicated to Dr. Klaus Ritter, Founder of ptc & former President of the EITEP Institute. Furthermore, exhibiting companies presented their new technologies in a special “Technology Updates” area.The 19th Pipeline Technology Conference, ptc 2023, shall be held from April 8-11, 2024, and the call for papers and exhibitor registration will begin by mid-June of 2023.

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