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Aker BP and Subsea7, Norway, Contract Tenaris to Supply Tubing, Casing, and Line Pipes for Fenris Project

Aker BP and Subsea7 Norway have contracted Tenaris to supply orders for the Fenris Project, Norway. Tenaris will supply approximately 7,000 tonnes of pipes and 10,000 tonnes of line pipes, of different dimensions, to Aker BP and Subsea7 respectively.

May 22, 2023

Aker BP

Aker BP, Norway, and Subsea7 Norway have contracted Tenaris, Norway, for 2 different purchase orders for the Fenris project. Tenaris will supply casing and tubing to Aker BP, and line pipe to Subsea7 Norway.

Tenaris will also supply 7,000 tons of pipes (approximately), ranging from 10”-17” OD, with TenarisHydril Blue® Max and Blue® Heavy Wall premium connections and Dopeless® technology and with sour service grade, TN 125SS. Dopeless® technology is a dope-free solution, that offers operational and environmental benefits, such as reduced running times, nearly zero rejects/re-make-ups, and enhanced safety through zero discharge.

Tenaris will also supply approximately 10,000 tons of 14”, 12”, and 4” OD line pipes to Subsea7 Norway, including the application of anti-corrosion coating.

Fenris is a gas reservoir, which will be developed by an unmanned installation (UI) with 8 slots, subsea tied back 50 kilometers to the Valhall field center in the southernmost part of the Norwegian continental shelf.

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Mr. Christer Andersen, Tenaris Country Manager in Norway, said, “The project requires highly sophisticated products that have been extensively tested. In Norway, dope-free solutions are a standard in oil and gas operations, imposed by governmental environmental regulations. For the Fenris project, Tenaris was awarded the supply of intermediate and production casings due to the API RP 5C5 CAL IV testing of TenarisHydril Blue® connections, tested with Dopeless® technology as well as their track record in HPHT projects.”

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