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BAFS to Construct a 52-Km Oil Pipeline in Bangkok at USD 35 Million Cost

Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Plc (BAFS), Thailand, is planning to construct a 52-kilometer pipeline to ease the transportation of fuel from the refinery based in the Eastern Bangkok region to its Northern region-based requirements. An investment of USD 35 million is estimated. 

Jun 15, 2023


Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Plc (BAFS), Thailand, intends to construct a new 52 kilometers long oil pipeline at an estimated cost of USD 35 million.

The pipeline will facilitate oil transportation from the East to the North by connecting Saraburi and Ang Thong provinces. Mr. Nathasit Diskul, President of BAFS, clarified that this investment is separate from the company’s previously announced capital spending plan.

Presently, BAFS-owned oil storage facilities in the Laksi area, northern Bangkok, rely on the oil pipeline network operated by the Thai Petroleum Pipeline and primarily serve planes at Don Mueang Airport. The new pipeline will help in transporting oil to the Northern provinces while reducing carbon dioxide emissions caused by trucks.

Fuel Pipeline Transportation, a BAFS subsidiary, operates an oil pipeline connecting the Bang Pa-in district of Ayutthaya’s Bangchak Corporation Plc oil refinery to Lampang, a province in the north. The Ayutthaya-Lampang pipeline commenced operations in 2019 and, by 2021, provided a full service with a capacity to carry 2.45 billion liters of oil per year. However, Fuel Pipeline Transportation reported that in 2022, only 20 percent of the pipeline’s total capacity, approximately 410 million liters, was utilized.

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BAFS is discussing the plan with Thai Petroleum Pipeline Co, wherein PTT Oil and Retail Business Plc holds the majority shares. Thai Petroleum Pipeline currently operates an extensive oil pipeline network that links refineries in the eastern region.

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