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Bhavya Machine Tools: One-Stop Shop for all Machinery Needs

Bhavya Machine Tools
Mr. Yash Shah – International Business Development Manager, Bhavya Machine Tools

Bhavya Machine Tools is a well established name in the field of engineering workshop machinery, providing Indian and international industries with technologically advanced and high performing machinery. In a recent conversation with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. Yash Shah – International Business Development Manager, Bhavya Machine Tools, talked about the company’s business journey, the need for their products in every industry, major companies they supply to and their vision towards automation.

Tube & Pipe India: Could you please give a brief outline of the business journey of your company, along with its crucial milestones?

Yash Shah: We are a 30 years old company, dealing in machine tools like workshop and toolroom machines as well as sheet metal application machines. We have our head office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India which has a 1, 10,000 sq. ft. showroom. Our company has been exporting since the past 6-8 years, and has recently expanded a branch in Dubai to cater to the service needs of the customer that we have already supplied the machine to, as well as to generate new enquiries and new business and cater the market in the Gulf. We have another branch in Kenya as well.

TPI: Kindly cast some light on the infrastructure and manufacturing process at your facility.

YS: We have a small workshop and toolroom in our warehouse. Usually we get all the job work done outside. Some of the components are imported from countries like China, Taiwan and Turkey and some parts come from Rajkot and Punjab. These parts are brought in and assembled. We also believe in keeping the machines ready in stock. So it is kind of a 365 days exhibition for all the customers that are visiting and like a one-stop shopping mall for machinery. So our brand and quality is fixed, but we do not manufacture products in-house.

TPI: Tell us about your product portfolio along with its key strengths and applications.

YS: Since workshops and toolrooms are in every manufacturing industry, there is no specific industry we serve. Specifically for tube and pipe, when cutting a tube or pipe we need a band saw, when drilling into a tube or pipe we need a drilling machine, and when bending a tube or pipe we need a tube bending machine. We provide all these machines, which are readily available in the Ahmedabad showroom. Our strength is that we have a wide service network in India, because when you are supplying machinery then service is a must. Also, the quality of our products, in terms of safety, features, efficiency and proficiency, is better in comparison to our competitors in the market.

TPI: What are the company’s future plans for the pipe industry?

YS: As per the current market, a lot of people are looking for features. For example, earlier when people bought the machines they would stick to the application. But now, with the application, the customer also wants specific features like safety features or adding light to see the operation. Our vision for the next 5-10 years is to bring more technology in the Indian market, for the market to grow.

TPI: Please shed some light on the market footprint and the clientele of your company.

YS: We supply our products to all the major Multi National Corporations (MNCs) in India and all listed companies in various sectors like steel and tube and pipe. We have supplied to big companies like Ambuja, SR Steel, Adani, Sunflag Steel,Venus Wires, NeelKamal, Surya (Steel, Tubes and Pipes) among others.

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TPI: Please share your outlook on how the market is evolving in the tube and pipe industry.

YS: We see India developing a lot in the next 5-10 years. This is because India is a developing country, and with the schemes being introduced by the Government we see an industrial revolution beginning in India. Whenever there is an industrial revolution, there is a lot of construction happening and that is where steel, tubes and pipes come into the picture.

TPI: What is your technology and business roadmap for the future?

YS: We aim for the company to be automated and for the company to run in an autopilot mode. The innovation and technological involvement we want to involve in our machines are also factors we want to involve in our system of running the company.

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