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City Energy & Gentari to Conduct a Feasibility Study for Constructing Hydrogen Pipeline from Malaysia to Singapore

City Energy signed a memorandum of understanding to conduct a feasibility study with Gentari to export hydrogen from Malaysia to Singapore.

Oct 25, 2023

City Energy

Recently, City Energy, Singapore’s leading sustainability-driven Energy company, said it will conduct a feasibility study with Gentari, owned by Malaysian state-run energy giant Petronas’ renewables unit, on a proposed pipeline to export hydrogen from Malaysia to Singapore, which is expected to become operational by 2027. Mr. Perry Ong, Chief Executive, City Energy, said, “The study will focus on the transport of “low carbon hydrogen” via a pipeline between the Malaysian state of Johor and City Energy’s Senoko gasworks plant.” He did not specify whether it would be blue hydrogen or green hydrogen. Additionally, he did not specify the estimated cost for the project or any decision on how it would be financed if it went ahead.

According to Gentari’s website, it produces both blue and green hydrogen. Gentari and City Energy signed a memorandum of understanding in April agreeing to explore Singapore importing hydrogen from Malaysia.

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Mr. Perry Ong said, “There are many studies right now globally which are looking at different technologies to import in hydrogen but largely they are all focused on putting them on to vessels, on to ships, to cross oceans. But the cost structure for carrying the hydrogen on vessels across oceans is likely to be more expensive. Piped hydrogen could potentially be the lowest cost to import hydrogen into Singapore, given the “relatively short distance” between Singapore and Malaysia. City Energy aims to supply the imported hydrogen mainly to the commercial and industrial sectors, which form the bulk of its customer base at the moment.”

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