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DESFA Aims to Build EUR 1 Billion, 540 Km Hydrogen Pipeline from Greece to Bulgaria

DESFA plans to build a EUR 1 billion hydrogen pipeline, covering 540 km, as a connector pipeline from Greece to Bulgaria. The pipeline has passed an initial technical assessment by the European Commission, and will serve as a future European southeastern corridor.

Jul 13, 2023


DESFA has shared that it is aiming to build a 540 km hydrogen pipeline connecting Greece to Bulgaria, costing nearly EUR 1 billion, as part of a future European southeastern corridor. As per DESFA’s statement, DESFA has jointly proposed this scheme with Bulgaria, and has become eligible for inclusion in a European list of projects of common interest after passing an initial technical assessment by the European Commission. 

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The pipeline will be part of a European corridor, which will access large quantities of available solar and wind energy to connect regions with high hydrogen production potential with central Europe and southern Germany, where significant demand is expected by 2030. Ms. Maria Rita Galli, DESFA’s Chief Executive, stated that this puts Greece, Spain and Italy at the same level with respect to the potential for the future role that these Mediterranean countries will play in providing infrastructure for hydrogen.

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