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Germany & Italy Agree to Build 3,300-km Pipeline Able to Transport 4 Million TPA of Green Hydrogen

Germany and Italy have agreed to construct a 3,300-km pipeline for gas and hydrogen transportation among them. The SoutH2 corridor will have the capacity to transport 4 million TPA of green hydrogen.

Jun 13, 2023


Germany and Italy have reached an agreement to construct a 3,300-km pipeline for the transportation of gas and hydrogen among them. The project is led by four major European transmission system operators, Snam (SRG.MI), Trans Austria Gasleitung, Gas Connect Austria, and Bayernets in Germany.

Sea Corridor will build the infrastructure of the SoutH2 Corridor. The technical details suggest that SoutH2 Corridor can transport 4 million TPA of green hydrogen. It is one of the three non-fossil fuel projects currently under evaluation by the European Union.

Mr. Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor, addressed a joint press conference with Ms. Giorgia Meloni, Italian Prime Minister. Mr. Scholz stated, “I am pleased that we have agreed to press on with the work on a new natural gas and hydrogen pipeline between Italy and Germany.” According to him, expanding European supply networks would help bolster energy security. Ms. Meloni echoed the importance of diversifying energy sources and establishing interconnected infrastructures, particularly in the Mediterranean.

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Last month, Italy, Germany, and Austria jointly signed a letter of support to back the development of a hydrogen-ready pipeline connecting North Africa and Europe. European countries are currently facing an energy crisis due to reduced energy exports from Russia.

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