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Mr. A.R. Biswas, President, Global Seamless Tubes & Pipes Pvt. Ltd.

Global Seamless Tubes & Pipes Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Hot Finish and Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes with an installed output capacity of 24,000 Metric Tons per annum. Located in West Bengal, the company has advanced MPM continuous rolling mill and other state-of-the-art equipment. In an Interview with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. A.R. Biswas, President, Global Seamless Tubes & Pipes Pvt. Ltd. shares interesting details about the infrastructure and machines.

Tube & Pipe India: Could you please give us a brief outline of your company along with its journey and vision?

A.R. Biswas: Global Seamless was established in 2019. Although it has been a journey of just three and a half years, our leadership team comprises seasoned technocrats with a combined average industry experience of 36 years. The deep domain knowledge of the seamless tubes and pipes industry has helped us become one of the most notable mechanical seamless tube manufacturers and that is the reason we were able to commission our plant in a short span of time.

Our seamless pipe factory in Bagnan is spread over 3,00,000 square feet. Having such a big factory space gives us the distinct advantage of having hot-finished, hot-pierced, and cold-drawn industrial seamless tubes and pipes-making processes integrated into the same unit. GSTP (HFS) Pvt. Ltd. for the hot finishing process and Global Seamless Tubes & Pipes Pvt. Ltd dedicated to cold finishing process are located in the same compound and have a combined yearly capacity of over 24000 MT. Our corporate office is in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Our vision is to produce internationally-acclaimed seamless steel pipes and tubes, from the best raw material, world-class technology, and scientific management.

global seamless tubes pipes

TPI: Please cast some light on infrastructure, manufacturing capabilities and machinery.

ARB: We carry out the entire process from planning to execution stages with precision. In our HFS plant, we have a furnace with a capacity of eight tonnes per hour. We boast the most advanced MPM continuous rolling mill and other state-of-the-art equipment like bright annealing furnace, cold rolling mill, elongtor-sizing continuous hot rolling mill, cold-drawing machine, eddy current, and ultrasonic testing NDT machines, fully automatic hydrostatic tester, draw benches, and tube processing equipment. Such a wide variety of equipment allows us to produce marine pipes, line pipes, mechanical and automobile pipes, machining tubes, high-pressure boiler tubes, high-strength oil pipelines, and petroleum machinery parts. We produce everything in-house and we have got a very good laboratory with testing equipment from Japan.

TPI: Tell us about your portfolio along with its applications.

ARB: Our main product is the seamless steel pipes, covering nearly all the sizes of small diameter seamless steel tubes like OD 10mm – 168.3mm, WT 0.89mm – 14mm. in CDS tubing, and OD 26.7mm – 88.9mm, WT 3mm – 15mm, in HFS pipes. We cater to a maximum length of 12.8 meters. We produce casing pipe, drill pipe and petroleum cracking tubes. Besides round tubes, we also manufacture square and rectangular tubes. Our tubes are used in myriad industries like mining, oil & gas transportation, automobiles, cranes, hydraulics, boilers, power plant, cooling tower, nuclear power stations, chemicals, etc. Pipe & joints for air brakes for freight & coaching stock of Indian Railways are our other key products. Recently, we have started manufacturing recessed pipes. Global Seamless develops GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other specifications & standards and is ready for immediate execution as per customization.

TPI: What are the key strengths of the company that helps you stay ahead of your competitors?

ARB: At all stages from raw materials to finished products, Global Seamless Tubes & Pipes are produced under an integrated system using the most advanced equipment, with rigid quality control exercised at each process. Our tubes & pipes come in surface finishes that exactly meet customer requirements or match the specifications for the intended applications. Inherently excellent properties are further enhanced by advanced heat-treating technology to offer a smooth, pleasing surface texture. To meet increasingly severe standards for dimensional accuracy, we exercise extra care in producing and inspecting pipe and tubes to particularly rigid dimensional tolerances. We make sure that the products we deliver exhibit consistent and uniform strength, workability and durability.

global seamless tubes pipes

TPI: Please share some light on the market condition and market footprint of your company.

ARB: There has been a COVID-driven recession in the market; however, we don’t face much competition as far as pressure tubing is concerned as such tubes are not manufactured much in India and the USA. However, the prices of raw materials are going up which is a challenge.

We manufacture our products for domestic as well as international markets. Around 50% of our products are exported. We have a good presence in North America and South America. We export our products to countries like Mexico and Brazil. In Europe, we have a footprint in Italy, Germany and Poland.

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TPI: Share your outlook on the tube and pipe industry along with your expansion plans.

ARB: For transmitting anything in high pressure, you need seamless pipes. Hence, there is a huge opportunity for seamless pipes in India. As far as our expansion plans are concerned, we have plans to expand our capacity from 6-inch pipes to 8-inch and 10-inch pipes. There is a huge market in the tube industry and we want to explore that.

global seamless tubes pipes

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