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Grow Ever Group’s New Unit to be Commissioned by Mid-2024 in West Bengal

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Mr. Rajat Sarawgi, Managing Director, Grow Ever Group of Companies

Grow Ever was founded in 2008, with an intent not just to create another steel manufacturer; but to sculpt a legacy that could redefine the contours of the steel industry. The group has managed to create a niche in the highly competitive market where they are now the leading choice for OEMs for MS ERW precision steel tubes. To cater to the demands of their expanding export division, their 4th state-of-the-art unit in Uluberia (West Bengal) is on track for commissioning by mid-2024. Additionally, they are adding cutting-edge high-end machines including laser cutting facilities to their units. Their R&D initiatives extensively explore areas like automation, AI in manufacturing, and advanced material science to ensure our products are not only of superior quality but are also produced efficiently. In a recent interaction with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. Rajat Sarawgi, Managing Director, Grow Ever Group of Companies, spoke about the company’s plan to set up their 4th unit, the demand for steel tubes and pipes in India, the company’s R&D initiatives and his long-term goals for the group.

Tube & Pipe India: Grow Ever was planning to set up an annealing unit to cater to export division demands. When can we expect the commissioning of this plan?

Rajat Sarawgi: At Grow Ever, our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation is deeply rooted in our core values of honesty, integrity, and hard work. Our vision has always been to position Grow Ever Group and, by extension, India, at the forefront of the global steel industry. This has driven our every initiative, including our ambitious plan to set up an annealing unit. I’m pleased to inform you that our 4th state-of-the-art unit in Uluberia (West Bengal) is on track for commissioning by mid-2024. This new facility will house advanced tube annealing along with other value-added capabilities equipped with some of the finest machinery the industry has to offer. The primary objective behind this unit is to cater to the demands of our expanding export division. As the world continues to recognize the quality and precision of Indian-manufactured goods, the establishment of this facility is a strategic move to bolster our presence in the global market, especially considering the pivotal role annealing plays in ensuring the strength and durability of steel components.

Moreover, in our unwavering commitment to being a holistic solutions provider, we are further enhancing our components line. A slew of cutting-edge CNC and other high-end machines including laser cutting facilities will be added to our arsenal. This not only signifies a value addition to our existing business but also reiterates our goal of driving India’s prowess in precision steel manufacturing. Our mission isn’t just to lead but to do so sustainably. As we march towards our goal of being an industry leader, we remain committed to expanding employment opportunities and carving out a path that will eventually see our nation making even more significant imprints on the global map. Every project and every new venture is a step towards that grand vision.

“As the world continues to recognize the quality and precision of Indian-manufactured goods, the establishment of this facility is a strategic move to bolster our presence in the global market.”

TPI: India’s infrastructural development is in a booming phase, especially as we move toward a transformation of tier-2 & tier-3 cities into smart cities. Please outline the application scope for MS steel tubes and pipes in this scenario.

RS: The transformation of India’s urban landscape, particularly in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, is nothing short of phenomenal. As we envision a future punctuated with smart cities, the role of advanced materials, especially MS precision tubes and pipes, cannot be underestimated.

There are multifaceted applications of these tubes in this burgeoning infrastructural context. The MS precision tubes can be used for sustainable infrastructure development. As we emphasize green and sustainable city infrastructures, MS precision tubes are primed for use in lightweight and durable building frameworks. Their superior strength-to-weight ratio ensures robust constructions while minimizing material wastage. They are also used in modern transportation systems. The ambitious transit projects across these emerging cities, from metro rail networks to advanced bus transit systems, lean heavily on precision tubes. These tubes form the backbone of many vehicle components due to their high tensile strength and resilience, ensuring the safety and longevity of our urban transit solutions. Additionally, the MS precision tubes find their application in renewable energy infrastructure. As per the International Energy Agency (IEA), India is set to experience a significant rise in renewable energy adoption. MS precision tubes find their application in structures like solar panel mounts and wind turbine frameworks, given their durability and ability to withstand environmental stressors. With a growing emphasis on state-of-the-art healthcare facilities in these cities, precision steel tubes are crucial in medical equipment frames and emergency service vehicles, ensuring they’re both lightweight and robust.

Our urban aspirations are vast, but they’re rooted in a very fundamental premise: creating cities that are efficient, sustainable, and most importantly, livable. MS precision steel tubes, given their versatility and robustness, are integral in turning this vision into a reality. As we stand at the cusp of this urban metamorphosis, it’s more apparent than ever that precision in material sciences, embodied by-products like ours, will be central to our success story.

TPI: As a developing country, it is normal to have under-explored segments; which do you think can help in building demand for steel pipes and tubes?

RS: India’s journey as a developing nation is characterized by myriad opportunities waiting to be tapped, and it’s insightful to recognize that certain under-explored segments could bolster the demand for MS precision tubes. Even today, agriculture remains the backbone of the Indian economy, employing over 50 percent of the total workforce. As we strive to modernize our agrarian landscape, precision steel tubes have significant potential in agricultural machinery, greenhouses, and controlled irrigation systems. With an emphasis on increasing crop yields and efficiency, durable and reliable infrastructures will be pivotal. While urban centers have been the focal point of infrastructural growth, rural regions still present vast avenues for expansion. From community centers to local transport and healthcare facilities, the scope for employing MS precision tubes in rural structural projects is expansive and largely untapped.

As India becomes more health-conscious, there’s a growing demand for fitness equipment and recreational structures. Precision tubes provide the needed durability and resilience for these applications, from gym equipment frames to adventure sports infrastructures. Additionally, as sectors like e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, and agro-based industries expand, there’s a burgeoning demand for specialized storage solutions. Precision tubes can be integral to creating racking systems, cold storage units, and specialized containment solutions that ensure both space optimization and product safety. Given the climatic conditions of our nation, we periodically face natural calamities. In response, there’s a rising need for disaster-resistant structures, emergency shelters, and rapid deployment systems. MS precision tubes, with their high strength-to-weight ratio, can play a crucial role in this segment.

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At Grow Ever, we’ve always been attuned to the nation’s developing narrative. Recognizing the potential in these under-explored segments, our strategic direction emphasizes innovating and adapting our offerings to these pivotal areas. Our commitment to integrity, hard work, and team spirit propels us to work alongside these sectors, offering bespoke solutions tailored to their unique challenges. While our nation has made significant strides in several sectors, the journey of development offers a plethora of niches that are yet to be fully explored. Our tubes, given their multifaceted applications, hold the promise of not just fulfilling these demands but setting the benchmark for quality, sustainability, and innovation. Embracing these segments can pave the way for holistic growth and fortify India’s position on the global stage.

TPI: As a steel products manufacturer, what are your opinions on Green Steel production? Do you think it is a viable consideration for India?

RS: Green Steel production is undeniably one of the most transformative concepts in the steel industry today. As we’re at the cusp of an environmental paradigm shift, it’s imperative to evaluate its feasibility and alignment with India’s unique context. Steel production, historically, has been resource-intensive and responsible for a significant share of global CO2 emissions. Reports from the World Steel Association reveal that steel production accounts for roughly 7-9 percent of all direct emissions from fossil fuels. Transitioning to Green Steel production methods, which primarily involve the use of hydrogen as a reducing agent instead of coal, can drastically reduce the carbon footprint. The MS precision tubes sector, given its widespread application in critical industries, stands to benefit immensely from Green Steel. A transition would not only enhance the sustainability of the products but also cater to the growing demand from industries and consumers increasingly valuing environmentally friendly products.

For a country like India, which has been at the forefront of IT and technological innovation, integrating Green Steel production methodologies presents an exciting challenge. We have the technical acumen, research institutions, and human capital to drive this transformation. Initial investments in Green Steel production are substantial. However, given the trajectory of global trade agreements and carbon tax impositions, traditional steel production could face economic barriers in the future. Embracing Green Steel now can position India as a leader, offering both a competitive and sustainable product in the international market. India has a unique advantage in this context. India has abundant sunlight and is steadily advancing in solar power generation. Solar energy can be harnessed to produce hydrogen, a primary component in Green Steel production. Thus, India has the potential to not just adopt but spearhead Green Steel’s mass production.

As a forward-thinking company, we at Grow Ever have always been proponents of innovation. We recognize that Green Steel isn’t just a trend but a pressing need and a testament to our commitment to sustainability, integrity, and forward-thinking. While the immediate transition might have its set of challenges, we firmly believe in India’s potential to adapt and excel. We envision a future where our tubes, produced using Green Steel methodologies, become a gold standard in sustainability without compromising on quality or affordability. Green Steel production in the context of MS precision steel tubes and India’s unique position is more than a viable consideration; it’s an evolutionary step. It merges the dual goals of sustainable development and economic progress.

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TPI: Please tell us about your R&D initiatives and how you align them with your market USP.

grow ever

RS: Research and Development (R&D) stands at the very heart of Grow Ever Group’s commitment to innovation and excellence. In an industry marked by rapid advancements and growing demands, our R&D endeavors are not just a means to stay ahead of the curve but to redefine it. They’re the bedrock upon which we build our market USP. Our R&D team works hand-in-hand with our marketing and customer service divisions. By staying attuned to market feedback, we identify specific pain points and challenges our customers face. This alignment ensures that our innovations are rooted in real-world requirements, leading to products that not only push the boundaries of what’s possible but also cater directly to the evolving needs of our clientele. In keeping with global trends and our own organizational values, a significant portion of our R&D focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. This not only reinforces our commitment to a greener planet but also presents a significant market USP in an era increasingly dominated by environmentally conscious businesses and consumers. We are passionate about integrating the latest technologies into our operations. Our R&D initiatives extensively explore areas like automation, AI in manufacturing, and advanced material science to ensure our products are not only of superior quality but are also produced efficiently. Our R&D isn’t limited to products alone. We invest heavily in skill development, ensuring our team is always equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques. This human-centric approach to R&D not only empowers our workforce but also ensures consistent quality, a key component of our market USP. We have established a system where continuous feedback from our distribution channels and end-users is looped directly back to R&D. This real-time data stream aids in immediate iteration, ensuring that our products remain both cutting-edge and directly aligned with market needs.

Our R&D initiatives are an embodiment of our company’s ethos: a blend of innovation, customer-centricity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. It’s this very ethos that allows us to provide products of unmatched quality, catering to diverse sectors and continually setting benchmarks in the steel industry. Our market USP, derived from these efforts, is a testament to the value we place on constant growth, adaptability, and forward-thinking.

“As I look to the horizon, my long-term vision for Grow Ever Group is ambitious, yet grounded in our core values of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity.”

TPI: Please share your long-term vision for Grow Ever Steel.

RS: When I founded Grow Ever, it wasn’t just to create another steel manufacturer; it was to sculpt a legacy that could redefine the contours of the steel industry. As I look to the horizon, my long-term vision for Grow Ever Group is ambitious, yet grounded in our core values of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity. First and foremost, I see our company not just as a national stalwart but as a global ambassador for Indian manufacturing prowess. Our new plant, currently in its nascent stages, is a testament to that ambition. Strategically located and leveraging state-of-the-art technology, this plant represents our commitment to meet growing demand while setting new benchmarks in quality and efficiency. However, it’s not just about scaling operations. We wish to infuse sustainability into our growth narrative. We aim to champion green steel production, reducing our carbon footprint, and setting a precedent for environmentally-conscious manufacturing. Every ounce of steel we produce should not only meet the highest quality standards but also be a beacon of eco-friendly practices.

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Our vision transcends business metrics. At its heart, Grow Ever is about people. As we grow, we aim to create numerous employment opportunities, nurture talent, and foster a culture of growth and learning. We have always believed that our strength lies in our team, and as we move forward, investing in their growth remains paramount. Lastly, but most significantly, we’re laying the groundwork for the next generation. Our commitment is to leave behind a legacy that future leaders can build upon, ensuring that our organization remains synonymous with excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth for decades to come. My plan for Grow Ever Group is holistic. It’s about forging a future where we lead not just in volume, but in value, impact, and legacy, illuminating the path for others in the industry to follow.

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