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Israel’s Gas Reserves Witness 40% Growth due to Drilling, Exploration Activities

Israel’s gas reserves have reportedly grown 40% in the last decade, a growth which can be attributed to the increased drilling and exploration activities. The gas reserves have reportedly grown to 1,087 billion cubic meters at the end of 2022. 

Jun 26, 2023


The abundant gas reserves of Israel have witnessed a growth of 40% over the past decade, owing to the increased drilling and exploration activities, as per industry reports. This growth has reportedly emerged amid the five-fold growth in the offshore gas production since the start-up of Israel’s first major producing Tamar field in 2013. The latest discoveries of natural gas located in the eastern Mediterranean have provided an incentive to the prospective EastMed pipeline.

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Israel’s gas production is carried out by four wells, conjoined by two 18 inch, 73-mile subsea tiebacks to a natural gas processing platform located 10 km offshore Dor, Israel. Gas and condensate pipelines link the platform to an onshore reception station at Dor which is connected to the domestic Israeli gas and liquid fuels pipeline networks. As per reports, Israel’s gas reserves have grown from 780 billion cubic meters in 2012 to 1,087 billion cubic meters at the end of 2022, with 119 billion cubic meters extracted over the same period.

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