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Kaltenbach.Solutions and Fraunhofer IPA Announced Strategic Partnership

Kaltenbach.Solutions have announced a strategic partnership with Fraunhofer Institute for Product Engineering and Automation (IPA) aimed at revolutionizing sawing technology.

Oct 09, 2023

Kaltenbach.Solutions, a leading provider of digital solutions for the steel processing industry, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Product Engineering and Automation (IPA) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing sawing technology. Their joint venture focuses on developing and implementing cutting-edge digital tools that significantly increase the efficiency of sawing machines in steel and wood processing.

The Fraunhofer IPA is at the forefront of innovation in various industrial sectors. With its dedicated Sawing Technology business unit, the institute addresses the growing demand for digitalized and efficient sawing processes in the steel and woodworking industries.

Tim Mayer, head of research at Fraunhofer IPA’s Sawing Technology unit, leads the project, drawing on his extensive experience in developing components, devices, procedures, machines, and production systems. Kaltenbach. Solutions bring its deep knowledge of the steel processing industry and digital transformation expertise to the partnership. 

Industrial sawing machines are built for high material throughput, requiring exceptional workmanship and cost-effectiveness. This project aims to address these needs by developing an automated data analysis system that can monitor and analyze sawing machine performance in real time, identify areas for improvement in efficiency and quality, and provide actionable insights to optimize sawing processes.

The project is currently in the testing phase, with automatic data analysis being implemented on circular and belt saws at Fraunhofer IPA. This initial stage will allow for refining the system and ensuring its effectiveness before wider implementation.

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This partnership between Fraunhofer IPA and Kaltenbach.Solutions have the potential to revolutionize the sawing industry by providing automated solutions for improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced quality. The project’s success will benefit manufacturers and end users alike, contributing to the advancement of the industry as a whole.

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