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NS Máquinas: Automated Tube Finishing for Increased Productivity for Large Diameters

The ML product line by NS Máquinas, which includes MLW200 3Z, has machines for a wide range of diameters even as small as 5 mm and can go up to 310 mm.

NS Máquinas
MLW200 3Z Tube Finishing Machine

The MLW200 3Z wet tube finishing machine is one of NS Máquinas’ most recent developments for automated surface finishing on long and large-diameter tubes. This machine can handle tubes from diameters of 20 mm up to 205 mm.

It features the ML Planetary System, which is there in all NS Máquinas ML models, and it means there is no contact roller grinding against the tube. This keeps surface temperatures to a minimum, preventing material distortion. Also, the MLW200 3Z machine can ensure that vibration will be minimised by having the abrasive belts rotate around the tube while the feeding rollers are transporting it through the finishing heads. This is what makes the machine ideal to finish long, large-diameter tubes.

Despite being designed to process mainly round tubes, planetary systems also make it possible to finish other products such as oval, tapered or drilled tubes, as well as D-shaped profiles. Replacing the abrasives is also less time-consuming. On a planetary machine, the feeding systems are integrated into the machine body, which makes adjusting them easier than on a centerless system. A planetary system, when combined with a program storage feature, also gives you the possibility to finish only certain sections of the tube and decide which stations will perform by selecting the respective parameters.

Being a three-station machine, the MLW200 3Z offers the flexibility to go anywhere from one up to six finishing stations. The multi-station design also implies that one can traverse from a rough surface to a fine, spotless, and uniform finish in one single pass. It can come complete with automatic loading and unloading systems that enable the entire finishing process to be executed without an operator. This increases the machine’s productive flexibility in the sense that it allows the operator to multitask.

This is the case with the NS Máquinas bundle-type loading and unloading system, where tubes are placed in batches on the loading table and then transported automatically. The bundle-type system affords great savings both in terms of handling costs and processing time for 6 or even 12-metre tubes.

The machine being equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems can benefit from further automation with the use of a powerful and user-friendly mobile touch screen control panel. Besides, the machine can be operated by any user with only basic training on how to work with the software.

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The ML product line has machines for a wide range of diameters, with models that can go up to 310 mm, from diameters as small as 5 mm. One of the reasons ML machines stand out is their operational flexibility on simpler models, but more complex versions have their own benefits.

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