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OM TechCorp: Consulting Services for Industrial Seamless Stainless Steel Tube Production

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Mr. Abhishek Parasrampuria, Partner, OM TechCorp

Established in 2012, OM TechCorp team members have 30 years of experience in the complete value chain of the steel tubular industry. OM TechCorp synergizes its domain knowledge collaborating with global companies to provide proven, expert, tech-based experience to customers. The company collaborates with global machinery, technology vendors and integrates them to provide end-to-end consulting services. Through meticulous production process designs, OM TechCorp ensures optimal opex costs and meticulously selected capex solutions. This prevents over or under-specification in procurement, thus maximizing capacity and quality.


OM TechCorp serves as a consulting firm specializing in the production of hot and cold finish industrial seamless carbon and stainless tubes/pipes. We act as representatives for a range of processes, QC machinery manufacturers, and technology providers dedicated to both welded and seamless tube/pipe production. Our consulting services encompass plant setup, process guidance, machinery advisory, and supply. We leverage strategic collaborations with global machinery and technology vendors, seamlessly integrating them to offer holistic consulting solutions.

The demand for plant setup consulting has surged, particularly with tier 1 companies like Welspun, Jindal, and MAN venturing into SS tube and pipe production. We excel as a professional consulting company covering the entire value chain of the SS seamless tube industry, with a special focus on niche sectors such as defense, aerospace, nuclear, and medical. Our team boasts over 30 years of hands-on experience in stainless steel tube plant design, erection, production, quality management, and global sales.

Products, Markets, and Applications

Our expertise lies in the production of seamless tubes and pipes, encompassing a wide range of forms including straight, U bend, and coil. We work with a diverse array of materials, including stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, austenitic, martensitic, ferritic, and high nickel alloys. Our production processes and technologies span hot finish through extrusion, as well as, cold finish methods such as pilgers and draw techniques ensuring the highest quality in our products.

Our products find extensive applications across various industries and markets, including energy, power, defense, fertilizer, refinery, railways, automotive, and process equipment.

Consulting Scope

Our consulting services cover the entire value chain, spanning from the integrated SS plant (billet into finish tubes) to sales. Our clients have the flexibility to choose from a range of options, whether it’s individualized services, customized packages, or comprehensive turnkey solutions. In the concept phase, we offer advisory services on product mix, end-user markets, and project viability, and we determine the production process route and technology based on product mix, yield, and capacity. During project initiation, we focus on plant machinery selection, setting parameters, defining specifications, and capex supplier selection. We also plan and select contractors for various aspects like site layout, civil and structural work, equipment foundations, internal logistic pathways, hoist energy systems and main distribution, IT infrastructure, safety and emergency, adherence to local regulations, water and air.

om techcorp

During project execution, we monitor the site according to plans, coordinate interfaces between contractors and equipment, supervise installation and commissioning, and ensure seamless integration between IT systems and plant automation. In the production phase, we provide HR expertise in tube production, offer advisory services on raw materials, production planning, quality management, and certification, and conduct final product trials. We also evaluate and select long-term repair and maintenance service providers. In the realm of marketing, we offer advisory services on plant approvals, assist in developing new clients, structure off-take agreements, facilitate global market penetration, and manage after-sales services while keeping an eye on application and market trends. Lastly, in the debottlenecking phase, we provide advisory services for existing plants, including process upgrades, line modernization, optimizing product quality, yield, and cost structure, expanding product portfolios, and achieving margin optimization.

Value Addition: Expert Contractor Team

We have an expert team of contractors who have executed steel tube plant projects. This contractor team or vendor can invoice directly to the client, while their activities are being instructed and monitored by the OM TechCorp consulting team. This way, all project activities are synchronized by a specialized team- ensuring adherence to the project budget, schedule, and smooth implementation.

The plant design and layout team at OM TechCorp specializes in basic and detailed engineering, dimensioning, and layout planning for various facilities, including storage, packing, transport, sheds, and auxiliary equipment like compressed air and gas stations. They also focus on process route layout to minimize product travel time and provide technical assistance in meeting statutory norms towards plant erection. Design aspects of the building include air conditioning systems, heating and ventilation systems, fire detection and extinguishing systems, lighting, escape routes,s and communication equipment such as telephone, industrial TV, and intercom systems. Additionally, the construction and fabrication team handles civil infrastructure, structural aspects, and equipment foundations, while the electrical and safety team designs power distribution systems and safety measures. The IT, ERP, and automation team integrates ERP solutions with plant automation and ensures robust networking and security. Training is provided by the training team for personnel in various roles, and the marketing team excels in market penetration, branding, sales strategies, and client support, ultimately creating a strong marketing and sales platform for clients.

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Delivering Project with a Positive Start

At our core, we possess a fusion of production technology prowess and an acute understanding of market dynamics. Our multidisciplinary team, proficient in electrical, civil and structural, engineering and design, IT and automation, environmental and safety, and plant erection, specializes in tube plant projects. Our all-encompassing expertise, spanning the entire project lifecycle, guarantees adherence to budget and timeline. Our production process designs assure optimum opex costs and the lowest possible final product costing capex is selected and customized with our hands-on technical input. This avoids over or under-specified procurement thereby optimizing capex expenditure to produce the desired capacity and quality. This focus on opex & capex converts into better yield production, competitive product pricing, and optimum break-even point. Furthermore, we serve as a single point of contact for comprehensive production technology and seamless project coordination, simplifying project interfacing integration and eliminating supplier-related issues. Beyond this, we provide vital plant human resources and market support, facilitating a seamless launch for new ventures.

Current Tube and Pipe Market Scenario

The growth of critical sectors in India, such as nuclear, defense, energy, chemical, aerospace, and medical, necessitates high-quality tubes for various applications, both hot-finish piping and cold-finish tubes.

The production of hot finish SS hollows within India offers a substantial price advantage in export markets compared to hot finish hollow producers in Korea, Europe, and Japan. Moreover, the existing anti-dumping measures against Chinese imports in Europe, Thailand, and the USA favor India’s exports of hot-finish SS hollows and cold-finish tubes. Additionally, the ongoing war has disrupted routine supply chains, creating opportunities for Indian exports.

The Indian government’s recent extension of the BIS clause for steel imports has significantly reduced imports of SS hollows, particularly from China. This presents a substantial opportunity for local manufacturing, further complemented by anti-dumping measures on Chinese imports of SS hollows.
Recent policies by the Indian government, such as the ‘No global tender for government procurement of up to Rs 200 crore,’ have provided a significant boost to domestic production of hot finish SS tubes and pipes. This presents a lucrative business opportunity for government buyers such as NPCIL, BHEL, NTPC, BARC, and others.

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