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Parliamentary Standing Committee Suggests Project Monitoring Mechanisms for Gas Pipeline Projects

In the report by the Standing Committee, it was noted the ministry has been advised to prepare a roadmap regarding enhancing the supply and domestic production of natural gas through unconventional hydrocarbons. The gas pipelines are being laid across the country under the National Gas Grid project

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The parliamentary standing committee on petroleum and natural gas has appealed to the central government regarding the creation of a pertinent project monitoring mechanism for oil & gas pipeline-related projects. The involvement of the monitoring mechanisms and the relevant stakeholders will enable the completion of the gas pipeline infrastructure within the stipulated time. It would be quite beneficial for time-bound projects.

The parliamentary panel, which was headed by Lok Sabha member Mr. Ramesh Bidhuri, in its 15th report, has suggested the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas an effective mechanism to resolve bottlenecks and challenges in the pipelines. Moreover, with appropriate software, the key stakeholders can contribute to the development of a single platform to provide approvals for the development of city gas distribution and pipeline infrastructure.

In the report, it was also stated that the standing committee would appreciate the cooperation of the Union Ministry with the agencies to evolve the single window mechanism as soon as it is possible.

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The committee also asserted that while pipelines are being laid across the country under the National Gas Grid project for the transmission of gas, India currently has about 20,227 km of operational pipelines. Now, about 15,500 km of pipelines are expected to be added by 2024-25.

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