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Rashmi Green Hydrogen Steel: Aiming for Complete Range of Seamless Pipes and Tubes with Manufacturing Capacity of 600,000 MTPA

Rashmi Green
Mr. Sunil Kumar Patwari, CEO & Vice Chairman, Rashmi Group

A new initiative of the Rashmi Group of Companies, Rashmi Green Hydrogen Steel Private Limited is a company committed to becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of seamless pipes and tubes. The company’s current installed capacity of seamless products (hot and cold finish) is 120,000 MTPA in the size range of 10 mm OD to 4-inch NB with wall thickness ranging from 1.50 mm to 15.24 mm. As part of future plans, the company aims to enhance their seamless products range from 4-inch to 24-inch NB with an additional capacity of 500,000 MTPA catering to all business segments. The group also manufactures ductile iron pipes and fittings in the size range of 80 mm to 1200 mm NB having manufacturing capacity of 700,000 MTPA. In a recent interaction with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. Sunil Kumar Patwari, CEO & Vice Chairman, Rashmi Group, shared about the company’s manufacturing and production capabilities, market footprint, industries served, its vision and mission, 3 phased future plans and the company’s EHS strategy.

Tube & Pipe India: Please tell us about your group’s journey, significant milestones, and crucial achievements?

Sunil Kumar Patwari: Founded in 1991, Rashmi Group has made its mark in industries like iron and steel, ferro alloys, cement, power, DI pipes and fittings, dredging, electronics, nitrile and latex. We began on a modest scale and ever since developed into one of the top producers of steel, cement and ductile iron pipes. We have been exploring new avenues, ever since we embarked upon this great journey.

Rashmi Green Hydrogen Steel, one of the newest initiatives of the Rashmi Group of Companies, aspires to have a strong interest and transparent commitment to being the world’s leading maker of seamless pipes and tubes. Our ongoing acculturation to cutting-edge technologies is essential for manufacturing products of the highest caliber. We, Rashmi Green Hydrogen Steel (seamless division), hereby stand committed to the best of quality products and complete customer satisfaction.

The biggest asset of the organization is the time-tested business management skills and expertise of the leaders and top management have exhibited over the years. The group possesses a very strong financial stability and this fundamental strength combined with low-risk operations has helped the group not only in expanding its business presence in India but also in China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, GCC, South East Asia, EU, NAFTA etc.

TPI: Can you share in detail about your plant facilities, their manufacturing setup, process, and production capabilities?

SKP: Our current installed capacity of DI pipes and fittings is 700,000 MTPA in size range of 80 mm to 1200 mm NB and for seamless products (hot and cold finish) is 120,000 MTPA in size range of 10 mm OD to 4-inch NB with wall thickness ranging from 1.50 mm to 15.24 mm. The company has its operations in Eastern India with offices situated in all metropolitan cities across the country. The organization has operational facilities in Kharagpur and Jhargram in West Bengal, since 1991. Being India’s one of the fastest growing business conglomerates, we have a strong foothold in countries like China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, UAE and Singapore.

TPI: What does your product portfolio include? What are the product’s key strengths and USP?

SKP: Our exhaustive products and services portfolio includes pig iron, sponge iron, pellet plant, sinter plant, billet, wire rod, TMT bar, DI pipes and fittings, electronics, dredging, nitrile, latex and seamless pipes and tubes. Holding a strong base across India, our product and service offerings find acclamation in foreign markets too. The reason behind this is our strong commitment to research and development, high industry standards and best quality that addresses customers’ demands and empowers us to form long-term relationships with them.

TPI: Please elaborate on the industries you cater to and your market footprint?

Rashmi Green

SKP: Our seamless pipes and tubes have uses in multiple industries. In the automobile industry, we provide seamless pipes and tubes featuring a hollow section, which are widely utilized as components for various applications. In the boiler, heat exchanger and power segment, our seamless products are used in the construction of various components of power generation plants such as boilers, steam turbines, heat exchangers, super heaters, economizers and condensers. Another use of our seamless pipes and tubes is in the chemical industry because this industry involves the transportation of a wide range of liquids, gases, and chemicals. In the heavy machinery and mining industry, our seamless products are used for various applications such as, hydraulic systems, drilling equipment, excavators, mining shafts, processing of minerals and exhaust systems and slurries under high pressure and temperature conditions. They are also used in the development of rail infrastructure like bridges, tunnels, ducts, and various railway components, which provide a strong and stable base for trains to run on. In the oil and gas sector, they are available in types like casing, tubing, drill pipe and line pipe and are used for exploration and transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and other petroleum products. PMC and EPC companies also recommend and use our products for their various project activities like, pipeline, refineries, chemical, fertilizer, power plant and infrastructure. These seamless products are also used for various structural applications such as the construction of pillars and scaffolding support.

TPI: What is your vision and mission for the future?

SKP: Our vision is to attain engineering leadership in both DI pipes and seamless pipes and tubes industry, as we strive to be the leader and no.1 in the world in our area of operation. We also long to uphold the interest of all stakeholders and to make the operations environmentally friendly.

The foremost mission in our expansion plan is implementing a 686m3 blast furnace, construction of which has already started, and production target date is December, 2024. Thus, we will be the first manufacturer of seamless products in India to produce hot rolled round billets from our own converter and MBF.

For seamless products, we have started implementation of our 2nd phase expansion, and we aim to expand our presence through manufacturing of API line pipes and OCTG products catering to the oil and gas, refinery and energy segments, by enhancing our products range from 4-inch NB to 7-inch OD with an additional capacity of 200,000 MTPA.

In the 3rd phase expansion of seamless products, we will further enhance our size range from 7-inch OD to 24-inch NB with an additional capacity of 300,000 MTPA catering globally to all the business segments. After implementation of all these seamless products range and capacity expansions, we will have a combined seamless products capacity of 600,000 MTPA, which will make our company the single largest manufacturing unit of seamless pipes and tubes in India.

For DI pipes and fittings, our expansion plan includes an additional capacity of 700,000 MTPA, which will enhance our combined capacity to 1.4 million MTPA, making our company the largest manufacturer of these products and no.1 in the world.

Further, we are the first seamless pipes and tubes manufacturer in the world to use synthesis gas from charcoal in reheating furnaces and first unit in India to run boiler and hot air generation using bio pellets. Our mission is to produce the best quality products at competitive prices to create value for our clientele and stakeholders. We shall pursue the policy of transparency and adherence to modern management practices, while our commitment to the highest standards of responsible ethical conduct in the organization shall continue as ever. We will remain committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

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TPI: Tell us about your EHS strategy?

SKP: Management of the Rashmi Group has taken up eco-friendly (i.e. 3 R’s, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) philosophy for day-to-day plant operations and firmly believes in providing a safe and clean working environment to its employees, customers, neighbors, visitors, and people at large. We strive to make a positive impact on the environment by focusing on the following key practices:

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions: By utilizing green hydrogen as the primary energy source, our steel production process emits significantly lower levels of carbon dioxide compared to conventional methods, contributing to global efforts to mitigate climate change.
  • Renewable Energy Integration: Our reliance on renewable energy sources for hydrogen production aligns with the transition towards clean and sustainable energy systems. It helps drive the growth of the green energy sector, creating a positive ripple effect on the environment and local economy.
  • Waste Minimization: Through efficient resource management, our company minimizes waste generation and maximizes the utilization of byproducts, ensuring a circular economic approach to steel production.
  • Local Economic Development: As a sustainable energy startup, we aim to drive economic growth by creating employment opportunities, supporting local communities, and contributing to sustainable development goals.

Elimination of unsafe, unhygienic conditions in all the operating areas and prevention of unsafe practices are given prime importance by the top management. The accidental loss and adverse environmental impacts can be controlled through good quality and safety management with active employee’s involvement.

In conclusion, Rashmi Green Hydrogen Steel Private Limited is committed to transforming the steel industry through environmentally friendly practices and utilization of Green Hydrogen Technology. Our innovative approach significantly reduces carbon emissions, harnesses renewable energy sources, and minimizes waste generation. As a socially responsible startup, we are proud to be based in West Bengal, India, and are dedicated to playing our part in building a sustainable and prosperous future for the region and our planet.

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