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Rollcon Engineering: India’s Infra Push to Give a Boost to Tube & Pipe Industry

Rollcon Engineering Co. is a renowned name in steel strip processing lines & equipment. The company has, over the years, established its reputation as an innovative leader and quality manufacturer by upgrading its manufacturing facility and maintaining the highest standards of quality and services.

In an interaction with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. Jasbir Maggu, Managing Director, Rollcon Engineering Co., talks about its product range catering to the tube & pipe industry along with the expansion plans.

jasbir maggu
Mr. Jasbir Maggu, Managing Director, Rollcon Engineering Co

“Our diversified portfolio helped to give us a good penetration into the market… There’s a great demand in the market, which is driving this industry very well.”

Tube & Pipe India: Could you please give us a brief outline of the business journey of your company along with its crucial milestones?

Jasbir Maggu: We started from very humble beginnings. The first project we took up was manufacturing a tube mill and a slitting line in 1993. We used to provide turnkey projects. Along with the tube mill, we used to manufacture HF tube welding plants and supply for such projects.

Subsequently, our company grew little by little and now, we are catering to a large section of the steel industry where tubes and pipes are processed and manufactured. We are proud to be associated with a very large number of well- known clients in India, as well as abroad. The journey of 30 years has been so far so good.

TPI: Can you cast some light on the infrastructure, manufacturing capabilities, and machinery installed at your facility?

JM: By and by, we felt the need for better infrastructure. We used to have basic machines but as we grew, we found that without proper infrastructure, we cannot grow in the right way. Hence, we invested in various machines like automatic VMCs, boring machines, and plano millers. Likewise, we have a number of CNC machines which help us in maintaining our quality as well as our serviceability in terms of timely deliveries. We have different kinds of CNC lathe machines besides heavy-duty table type boring, floor boring machines, EOT cranes, and testing facilities.

We have all kinds of facilities as far as machines are concerned for the manufacturing of good quality tube mills. We manufacture around 8 to 10 mills a year, and apart from this, we manufacture cold rolling mills, galvanising lines, colour coating lines, pickling lines, slitting lines, and cut-to-length lines. We take up turnkey projects not only for tubes and pipes but also for colour coating lines and galvanising lines, slitting lines, and cut-to-length lines.

rollcon engineering
rollcon engineering

TPI: What are the recent developments and what will be your future plans?

JM: A lot of demand is coming up for the sectional tubes. We are diversifying into Direct Forming Technology (DFT), which is a new segment. As of now, we are starting with two sizes – 100/100 and 200/200.

DFT is the future. In conventional tube mills, you need a huge inventory of rolls as you need to change the rolls for the different sizes, but DFT is a common roll technology, wherein you don’t need to change the roll according to size. With the involvement of automation, you don’t lose time switching from one size to the other. We are keeping a close eye on the latest developments in the tube & pipe industry in India and abroad and adopting them.

TPI: Please shed some light on the market footprint and clientele of your company.

JM: We have delivered good projects all over India, as well as abroad including in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Our diversified portfolio helped to give us a good penetration into the market. Most of the tube manufacturers in India know us. We are proud to be associated with the companies like Hi-Tech Pipes Ltd., Nezone Group, and APL Apollo Tubes Ltd., which have a sizeable market share. We are associated with some of them for as long as 20 years. APL Apollo is one of the largest tube & pipe manufacturers in India. I believe they manufacture close to 200,000 tonne of tubes and pipes.

We are pleased to witness such magnificent growth taking place in India. There’s a great demand in the market, which is driving this industry very well.

TPI: Share your outlook on the tube & pipe industry.

JM: In India, we are fortunate to witness this period when the government is proactive on infrastructure projects. You can see a lot of infrastructure projects going on in India, like roads, bridges, ports, and airports. Many ports are being modernised, new airports are being developed, and railway stations are being commissioned, refurbished, and renovated. Apart from this, industrial corridor and defence projects are coming up. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every region of our country is witnessing plenty of infrastructure projects.

We are very bullish because you cannot separate the tube & pipe industry from all these infrastructure projects as it is intricately intertwined with the development of all these projects.

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TPI: Anything else you would like to add to the introduction?

JM: The future for the tube & pipe industry looks very bright in India. I would like to emphasise that there are a lot of opportunities in India. The current government supports infrastructural projects in India with various schemes and policies.

In my opinion, India will now witness the kind of growth that China has witnessed for the last 40 years. Hence, I would like to wish the people in the industry including the technocrats and entrepreneurs all the best for such an enormous development!

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