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Saudi Steel Pipe Company – Saudi Aramco Sign USD 80.47 Million Contract

A contract has been signed between Saudi Steel Pipe Company and Saudi Aramco for the supply of oil and gas steel pipes worth USD 80.47 million.

Aug 8, 2023

Saudi Steel

Saudi Steel Pipe Company has signed an agreement with Saudi Aramco worth USD 80.47 million to supply oil and gas steel pipes for a period of 12 months. The agreement will positively impact the first and second quarters of FY24. Saudi Steel Pipe Company had previously signed four agreements worth USD 75 million with Aramco in the first half of this year for the supply of oil and gas steel pipes. These included a USD 20.2 million agreement in March; two separate agreements worth USD 25.8 million and USD 13.5 million in May and an agreement worth USD 15.5 million in June.

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