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SeAH GSI brings USD 240 million, 20,000 TPA steel tube production facility

The upcoming facility will be the first of its kind stainless-steel seamless pipes and tubes production facility in Saudi Arabia, built on a 1,78,000 sq m area. The joint venture between Saudi’s industrial investments company Dussur and Korea’s steel manufacturer SeAH CSS is expected to begin operating in 2025.

SeAH and Spark

The SeAH GSI joint venture between Saudi Arabian Industrial Investments Company, Dussur and the leading Korean steel manufacturer, SeAH CSS recently had a groundbreaking ceremony on its unique stainless-steel seamless pipes and tubes production facility in Saudi Arabia. The new plant is being built on a 1,78,000 sq m area within the King Salman Energy Park (Spark) and when fully functional, will have the operating capacity of producing 20,000 tonnes of seamless pipes and tubes per annum. Spark is a leading ecosystem located in Dammam’s Eastern Province. Spark and SeAH GSI signed a deal in September 2022, for developing the production facility in order to increase the manufacturing of energy-related products in Saudi Arabia. The ground breaking ceremony was attended by high profile guests like Park Joon-yong, the South Korean Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and Engineer Saif Al Qahtani, President and CEO of Spark along with top executives from Saudi Aramco, Dussur, SeAH Holding and Spark.

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Spark’s President and CEO Saif Al Qahtani said, “I am confident that the resources provided at the energy park will allow SeAH GSI to thrive and succeed as it enters a new chapter in its expansion journey.” SeAH’s GSI CEO Young Soon Kim said with this production facility, the Korean group aims to become the pioneers of specialty steel pipe and tube manufacturing in Saudi Arabia.

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