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Stevens Engineers & Constructors Installs Novarc Spool Welding Robot at Ohio Pipe Fabrication Facility

Stevens Engineers & Constructors has installed a Novarc Spool Welding Robot for upgradation at its pipe fabrication facility in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. The system helps the company to fillet weld, handle pipes over 21 feet long, produce root-to-cap welds without stopping and even capture videos of the entire welding process for QC purposes.

May 30, 2023

Stevens Engineers

Stevens Engineers & Constructors has recently upgraded its pipe fabrication facility through installing a Novarc Spool Welding Robot at the facility in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, for improved output. Through the robot, the company will attain the ability to fillet weld, handle pipes over 21 feet long and produce root-to-cap welds without stopping. For example, while hand welding on an 18 inch extra-heavy pipe takes more than 12 hours, it can be decreased to 33 minutes with the robot.

Through the assistance of this system, the company can also capture videos of the entire welding process for QC purposes, weld almost any type of pipe material, as well as weld a variety of joints with fewer space restrictions. Dual positioners allow one station to be loaded while the other is being welded.

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Typical projects at the facility include large or small-bore pipe spools, pipe racks, equipment skids, support steel, and ½ inch dia. to 72 feet dia. pipe, light wall to extra heavy. Materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, and aluminum.

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