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Wirex FZE to Foray into Seamless Pipe Segment

Wirex FZE has an established network of customers and suppliers and continually expands its ties to the manufacturers and customers active in different segments of the steel market. The company offers a wide range of steel products in various grades and specifications sourced globally from reputed mills. It is going to introduce seamless pipes very soon. In a conversation with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. Sivababu Manchineni, General Manager, Wirex FZE presents an overview of the company and shares more about the future plans.

“Today’s energy crisis will shape a whole new tomorrow. Infrastructure is going to grow and we assume that wire and pipe industries are going to play a major role in that.”

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Tube & Pipe India: Could you please give us a brief outline of your company?

Sivababu Manchineni: Wirex FZE is established in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai with the objective of trading in a wide range of quality steel products. The basic idea for establishing the company in Dubai is the ease of doing business as we are able to cover the European as well as the Indian market from here. Our quality & experience can help the customer in getting the expertise and technical assistance.

We procure products from the Middle East as well as the Far East. The chemistry control and mechanical properties play a very critical role in manufacturing steel products. Most of our suppliers have integrated plants and use DRI along with the latest technology equipment for casting as well as rolling. This way, we support the customers in getting their quality standards met in all aspects.

TPI: Tell us about your product portfolio.

SM: Our product portfolio includes billets, rounds, rebars, special bar quality (SBQ) steel, and wire rods. We have billets available in various sizes, i.e. 150×150 mm, 180×180 mm and 220×220 mm as of now. The length ranges up to 12 mtr. We are also trying to increase our billet range to cover the blooms. In the future, we would be targeting blooms up to the size of 270 mm and the width of 380 mm and rounds up to 450 mm diameter. On the part of rolling, we have the capability to supply different sizes and can supply rolled round billets up to 200 diameter. In the rolled bar segment, especially SBQ grade, the range starts from 16 mm up to 80 mm. We are also going to have the material availability for the wire rod starting from 5.5 mm up to 16 mm. In the future, we will try to source our material up to 32 mm. We will soon come up with seamless pipes in our product portfolio.

TPI: What is the market footprint of your company?

SM: Currently, we have very wellknown clients from Thailand, Indonesia, Romania, Italy, and other European countries. We are a new company trying our best to make a mark in the market. Nevertheless, we have a very wide range of clientele who require low carbon and medium carbon steel products. We have aggressive targets and hope to come up with flying colours next year.

TPI: Please shed some light on the global market condition.

SM: The international market is getting fragmented into parts. Earlier, it was easier to understand the global market and come up with price predictions. But now, it has become very difficult due to the different dynamics in the market. Each market has a different situation – if you look at the European market, the energy crisis is a challenge. Similarly, Indian and Chinese markets have different issues altogether. Sometimes, the market gives the impression of going up but that does not happen. However, we are optimistic and hope that something positive would take place by the end of this year.

TPI: What are your thoughts on the future of the tube & pipe industry?

SM: Today’s energy crisis will shape a whole new tomorrow. Infrastructure is going to grow and we assume that wire and pipe industries are going to play a major role in that. With the import duties and export restrictions, every country is going to build its own infrastructure; hence, the market seems to be very dynamic.

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‘Green steel’ is hailed as the next big thing; however, we will have to wait and see the economics of this segment. Meanwhile, we are primarily looking to expand our trading business in the Indian market. We have already started our process to bring material into India through BIS approval. I wish the Indian tube & pipe industry all the best for the future!

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