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APL Apollo Tubes Launches Next-Gen Steel Building Solutions for Efficient Construction

India’s largest structural steel tubes producer APL Apollo Tubes Limited recently launched their next-gen steel building solutions, as a step towards ensuring future-proof, better and faster construction. The company united with leading structural engineering institute IIT Roorkee and performed a joint research for demonstration of tubes being efficient structural steel components. The new-age construction mechanism and solutions were presented to over 200 architects and consultants in the event at Bangalore.

APL Apollo Tubes

APL Apollo Tubes Limited launched their next-gen steel building solutions in an event held in Bangalore on 17th March, 2023. The leading structural steel tube manufacturer collaborated with IIT Roorkee, India’s leading structural engineering institute, on a joint research for demonstrating that tubes are efficient structural steel components, capable of utility in large scale projects like high-rise buildings, factories, warehouses, data centers and medical facilities. It is an effective method of constructing substantial, durable & sustainable buildings. This new-age construction mechanism & solutions were presented to over 200 architects & consultants in the construction space for better adaptation and creating an overall impact.

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Mr. Sanjay Gupta, the chairman and managing director of APL Apollo Tubes Limited, spoke about the new launch and APL Apollo’s vision for the construction sector. He shared “Steel Building Solutions or Tubular construction is a game-changing technology that is bound to bring in a revolution in the construction space. The entire construction process ensures that the ecological balance is fairly maintained with zero air pollution and zero water wastage. It improves recyclability and is more time efficient and cost-effective than conventional construction processes.”

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