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Crippa Offers the Widest Range of Tube Processing Machines

Having a history over 70 years, the organization offering machines for bending and working metal tubes is regarded by the diverse range of its offerings. Their product range covers all types of requirements of the market, from the most traditional form of applications, to the most advanced machine learning integration. Crippa SpA is a group that offers the most comprehensive range of CNC tube bending machines, right and left tube bending machines, multistack and multiradius tube bending machines, full electric tube bending machines and integrating a variable radius into the bending process. Check out the company’s product and service prowess through a glimpse into its catalog.

Crippa SpA, Italy, is a strong, cohesive industrial group that combines the expertise of Crippa SRL and SMI SRL to provide complementary industrial solutions and respond to new production challenges, serving as an international point of reference in tube processing. The group has collaborated with Pradman Engineering Services Private Limited in India, to represent it in the region.

The group’s know-how has been brought together in a comprehensive catalog, designed to respond to every type of work. Their range of tube bending machines goes from 0.06″ to 11″ in diameter, while tube end forming solutions have a power range from 8 to 60 tons. Thanks to their Full Electric Technology, their tube bending machines can process complex bends with different radii and clamping. Their end forming machines are set up to manage different work stations, producing complex shapes and fitting different rotating heads. They know how to design and develop special machines for sector-specific processes and can build transfer systems to accommodate and guarantee the best cycle times with the highest reliability and repeatability, and high production volumes. The challenge has always been to offer all their clients a unique product, tailored and packaged to fit their needs. Just like a tailor would fit a bespoke suit.

The product catalog enlists all the offerings of the group, sub-grouped into series, and service groups;

  • Small Series
  • Decoiling Series
  • Cutting Series
  • Clever Series
  • Linear Series
  • Up&Down Series
  • Heavy Series
  • Heavy BWT Series
  • T Series
  • Cool Series
  • Basic Series
  • Rapid Series
  • Quick Series
  • Heavy-S Series
  • Measuring Systems
  • Work Cells
  • Utilities

The two machines most famed and in demand for the smart factory systems have been elaborated below on their key features, offerings, and USPs.

942XE – Linear Series


The 942XE is a CNC full-electric tube bending machine for tubes up to Ø 1,65”. Its bending head with direct transmission and a compact chassis ensures rigidity. The machine offers a high production rate and can produce bends with a CLR/DIA ratio of even less than 0.8. The 9 controlled axes that govern the machine are driven by absolute digital electric motors with Full Electric technology and controlled by a CNC Siemens 840D sl. Using the intuitive three-dimensional UII (User Iso Interface) programming software on a 19” LCD touch screen, the operator can interact with the machine to simulate and optimize part programs.

Multistack and multi-radius can work with tools for variable radius thrust bending. Additionally, the 942XE can be equipped with busbar profile tooling to perform in-cycle plate and edge bending and twisting processes. It can be fitted with several tools simultaneously, with different bending radii and clamping. Its compact design also makes it possible to fit the already existing tools.

This machine is designed to be integrated into Smart Factory systems.

SILVER3CD – Decoiling Series

SILVER 3 CD is an automatic cycle, multi-stack, multi-radius, left and right-operated bending machine for tubes (Cu) up to 7/8” in diameter with a standard-length arm of 1400 mm (customizable). It is one of the four models of the SILVER series, which is a subseries of the Decoiling Series product range. The machines in the SILVER series are used for bending materials fed directly from a coil without a mandrel. The 4 models differ in diameter capacities and technical specifications.


The SILVERS series can hold up to 7 electric brushless motors which control the advancement, bending, and rotation of the processing levels, and change in direction, optimizing the precision of the movements and reducing energy consumption. The separation of the bent piece from the material coming from the coil is done without producing chips at the orbital incision where the piece is detached, using a false bend. An additional cutting device like the saw blade unit can be integrated when required by the properties of the piece being produced or by request. The available options include a device for a quick changeover system for the rollers, drilling machine, laser marking unit, fixed or movable support tables, in-line shaping unit, and many others that make SILVER even more modular and customizable. The software interface is user-friendly and guides the operator in all machine setup phases. The machines are prepared for integration into “Smart Factory” systems.

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The SILVER Series is well-known and spread around the world, maintaining over the years their recognized stability and robustness. At the same time, they developed themselves in terms of flexibility and versatility, following the new bending challenges of the market while keeping a watchful eye on the future.

The two pieces of machinery are only a glimpse into the entire production range of the Crippa Group.

They, however, give an insight into the capabilities of the technology and services of the group. As the company gears itself to exhibit its prowess at the upcoming Tube & Pipe Fair in India, the various aspects of the company’s product and services could be seen live on the occasion.

Tube & Pipe Fair, First Edition, is being organized by Tulip 3P Media on October 6-8, 2023, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The Crippa Group shall exhibit at Stall O1-1.

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