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Crippa’s Successful Participation at Tube & Pipe Fair 2023

Mr. Carlo Fratini, Business Development Manager, Crippa

Established in 1948 by Agostino Crippa, Crippa has been designing and producing machines for bending and working metal tubes. For more than 70 years, they have been developing innovative technological solutions in response to the growing and changing demands of the market. In a recent interaction with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. Carlo Fratini, Business Development Manager, Crippa, talked about the company’s history, products, and services. He also talked about his experience at the Tube & Pipe Fair 2023.

Tube & Pipe India: Please tell us about your company.

Carlo Fratini: Established in 1948, Crippa boasts a substantial history that underlines our wealth of experience. Our primary markets encompass the automotive, aerospace, HVAC, and furniture sectors, but our presence extends wherever there’s a need to process tubes. We deliver to all the sectors that can have tube applications. Crippa and SMI are a group that produces machines to process the tubes. The tube can be worked starting from a cut or ready to length or starting from the coil. Our expertise encompasses the use of various materials, including copper, stainless steel, and titanium, and we possess the capability to process diverse types of tubes, with a special focus on bending, cutting, and shaping.

TPI: Could you please tell us about your product portfolio?

CF: Crippa covers an extensive range of tube diameters, spanning from as small as 4mm up to 225mm. Our diverse product line perfectly matches each tube diameter, offering a specific machine for every requirement. As mentioned earlier, Crippa manufactures a variety of machines, specializing in bending, forming, and cutting.


TPI: Any recent developments that you have worked upon that you are launching, or you are planning to launch in the near future?

CF: We are constantly introducing innovative solutions to the market, positioning ourselves as pioneers. Usually, our competitors follow us and try to copy us. Crippa is well known for making news on the market. For example, we were the first company in the world to produce CNC benders, fully electric machines, multi-stack machines, and left and right tube bending machines.

TPI: What is the theme of your exhibition?


CF: In India, we actively collaborate with our long-standing partner, Pradman, a partnership that has thrived since 2005. In addition to Pradman as a representative, we have a dedicated area manager: Nicola Morsut. To ensure our strong presence in India, we provide comprehensive support, including service, spare parts, and technology. While all our products are 100% made in Italy, we prioritize local support tailored specifically for the Indian market, with a keen focus on providing excellent service.

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TPI: How do you find the Tube & Pipe Fair participation experience? What are the highlights that you think have been good?

CF: We are delighted to participate in the first exhibition of Tube & Pipe Fair India. Even though it’s only the second day, yesterday we received a lot of interest from numerous customers, including promising leads and potential collaborations for projects. I must express my satisfaction and surprise. We’re the sole machine maker displaying our machines. I don’t see any other producer making machines. So I’m surprised and we are glad because it’s quite a big effort to have machines here. However, we firmly believe that showcasing the product allows customers to appreciate the quality. Therefore, we are here with one of our machine ranges, confident that it’s the right decision.


Krishna Tiwari from Imperial Auto Industries Limited, a company situated in Faridabad and having around 23 facilities all over India making tubular products for automotive and engine applications says, “Earlier we bought only one machine from Crippa and today, within 1.5 years, we started using around 12 machines from Crippa. As you can see no feedback is required. Since the service and quality of Crippa is very nice and it is user-friendly, they focus on customer satisfaction. As a customer, our main concern is that the supplier should understand our requirements and Crippa’s main focus is customer satisfaction. Crippa’s bending machine is very much important for us. We produce a part to run a vehicle. We are producing a tubular part but that part is so important that it can stop a vehicle on the road or during performance. So our supplier understands our requirements so we have chosen Crippa.”

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