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Gascade & Fluxys eyeing approvals for North Sea 400Km 100GW Green Hydrogen Pipeline plan

Germany-based Gascade and Belgium-based Fluxys have applied to the European Commission to qualify for fast-track approvals as well as funding, advancing on their AquaDuctus project of a 400 Km, 100 GW capacity green hydrogen pipeline in the North Sea, with the project expected to begin in 2030.

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The pipeline infrastructure companies have jointly applied for qualification to the European Commission, with the project expected to begin in 2030 and the 400km offshore pipeline to be vital to Germany and Europe’s future offshore hydrogen infrastructure.

According to studies, The German and European North Sea reflects around 100 gigawatts (GW) of hydrogen capacity potential. Through their application, the two companies plan to get the Project of Common Interest (PCI) status from the European Union. This status can help the project to be supported through rapid permission procedures and funding.

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The shipments for the project are expected to begin in 2030, to be followed by linking up wind farms in Germany’s exclusive economic zone in the North Sea to transport hydrogen from plants operated by other countries like Norway or Britain, into Germany. The AquaDuctus pipeline can potentially become a collecting path for electricity output from offshore wind power production sites, which would later be converted to clean hydrogen through on-site electrolysis plants. The pipeline will also offer the potential to link up with other international hydrogen flows through the North Sea.

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