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Study proposes 1000km Hydrogen Pipeline to serve Oman

The report of the key feasibility study envisions a pipeline dedicated to carrying hydrogen running through Oman from North to South, with a flow rate of 2million m3/hour of hydrogen. The report also mentions building a second pipeline is energy supply reaches levels while demand is high.

oman hydrogen pipeline

Asyad Group, the integrated logistics provider of the Sultanate of Oman, recently commissioned a study which has shown the potential for developing a dedicated hydrogen pipeline to be produced in the central and southern parts of the country to consumption centers in the north. The Oman Hydrogen Center (OHC) and Dii Desert Energy were involved in releasing a collaborative report titled “Potential of the Hydrogen Transition for Ports in the Sultanate of Oman”.

The report states that a dedicated hydrogen pipeline can become a possibility if gas-based power generation plants and certain industries switch from natural gas to low-emission hydrogen. In this regard, the report mentions the potential for an approximately 1000km long pipeline, with 40-42 inch diameter; running through Oman from south to north. The pipe would carry roughly 500,000 tonnes of hydrogen/annum.

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The report estimates the investment costs for the pipeline to be around USD 3 billion; however the costs could be reduced by using existing pipeline networks, particularly those owned and operated by OQ Gas Networks (OQGN). OQGN is reportedly considering the feasibility of repurposing its vast pipeline network to enable the transportation of a blend of natural gas and hydrogen.

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