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Grow Ever Steel Follows a Five-Point Strategy to Grow with Market Trends

Grow Ever Steel
Mr. Rajat Sarawgi, Managing Director, Grow Ever Steel (India) Private Limited

“As the founder of Grow Ever Steel, I firmly believe in steel’s transformative power to drive industries and innovation. We, at Grow Ever Steel, do not just manufacture steel components; we shape opportunities, catalyse progress, and weave the very fabric of India’s industrial growth story. Our commitment lies in the integrity of our products and the promise of an inclusive, sustainable future. We’re not only envisioning a globally recognised Indian steel industry but also nurturing the dream of a stronger, more resilient India. Our journey is not measured by the steel we produce, but by the lives we impact, the communities we uplift, and the industries we empower.”

Tube & Pipe India: Grow Ever is working to set up its fourth manufacturing unit. What is the update on this development? Please elaborate on the new unit’s proposed machinery setup and manufacturing capacities.

Rajat Sarawgi: As the Founding Director of Grow Ever Steel (India) Private Limited, I am excited to share that the development of our fourth manufacturing unit is progressing steadily. Our team has been working diligently with a focus on completing the plant and beginning commercial production by Mid- 2024. This facility will be a testament to our hard-earned expertise in ERW MS precision steel tube industry. It represents our commitment not only to augment our manufacturing capabilities but also to revolutionize the industry through engineering innovation in precision components.

Grow Ever Steel

Our vision for this new unit extends beyond merely manufacturing products. We intend to provide comprehensive, customer-centric solutions that cater directly to the client’s needs. This innovative approach is rooted in extensive market research, revealing a gap between what manufacturers offer and what customers require. The new unit aims to bridge this divide and establish us as the partner of choice in the tube and pipe industry.

The proposed machinery setup will feature the latest technology to uphold our reputation for high-quality, precision manufacturing. We plan to increase our range of close tolerance tubes and expand our manufacturing capabilities in hollow sections, stamped and tubular components. As for capacities, we expect a significant surge in output, which we believe will aid our endeavor to offer more employment opportunities and contribute to India’s economic growth.

TPI: Please elaborate on your market footprint.

RS: Over the last 15 years, Grow Ever Steel has steadily grown its footprint across India, establishing strong ties with prominent Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across the country. Our high-quality ERW MS precision steel tubes and other products have found significant usage in various sectors like automotive, light engineering, medical equipment, and more.

Our commitment to honesty, integrity, and teamwork has also earned us the trust and respect of our supply chain partners. We are humbly proud to have become their preferred choice for growth and progress. As for our global footprint, we have made substantial inroads in international markets, further cementing our reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality steel tubes.

However, we believe our journey has just begun. Our vision is to establish Grow Ever Steel as India’s premier name in the steel industry, setting benchmarks in quality, innovation, and sustainability. To this end, we are consistently working towards our goal, which we believe will not only boost our growth but also contribute to India’s global standing in the steel industry. We foresee a future where our steel tubes and precision components become the standard for industries around the world.

TPI: Please elaborate on your product portfolio and major clientele.

RS: At Grow Ever Steel, we pride ourselves on a robust product portfolio, specifically tailored to cater to the needs of diverse sectors. Our ERW MS precision steel tubes and hollow sections are available in an expansive range from OD 8.0 mm to OD 80.01 mm, with thicknesses varying from 0.25 mm to 4.5 mm. They are constructed with utmost precision using high-grade raw materials including CRCA, CRFH, CRMA, HSLA, and HRSPO, all of which are sourced from premier manufacturers across the country.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, strategically located near Kolkata, are fitted with advanced machinery like LMW CNC turning centers, laser cutting and sheet forming machines, SOCO tube cutting machines, and various special purpose machines. These are complemented by a dedicated press shop with an array of hydraulic and power presses, and internal threading & tapping machines, enabling us to ensure high precision and uniform quality across our product range.

With regard to our clientele, we have been honored to work with some of the leading names in various sectors. These include automotive giants like Hero, Bajaj, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Audi, BMW, and Maruti, as well as esteemed companies like Hettich and Karma. Our partnership with such industry leaders is a testament to our commitment to quality, integrity, and continuous innovation.

TPI: Which are the major trends affecting the Indian steel tube industry? How will they shape the future of this industry?

RS: The Indian steel tube industry is currently undergoing significant transformations propelled by several factors. Infrastructure development, spurred by increased government spending and private investments, is driving higher demand for steel tubes. Urbanization, coupled with expansion in the manufacturing and automotive sector, is further fueling this growth.

Emerging sectors such as renewable energy projects, as well as expanding water and gas distribution lines, are creating new opportunities for our industry. However, it’s essential to note that technological advancements and environmental concerns are necessitating a shift towards cleaner, more sustainable practices.

Grow Ever Steel

Global trade dynamics, raw material prices, and governmental policies also play a crucial role in shaping the industry’s trajectory. For instance, the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative is encouraging domestic manufacturing, which could boost the steel tube industry further.

All these trends will continue to influence the opportunities and challenges we will encounter in the future. At Grow Ever Steel, we stay cognizant of these shifts and consistently adapt our strategies to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry innovations. Our vision of becoming India’s leading steel tube manufacturer involves not only keeping pace with these trends but setting new benchmarks in terms of quality, sustainability, and growth.

TPI: India’s finished steel consumption is expected to reach 230 MT by 2030-31 in comparison to the current consumption of 135 MT. Can you identify the key drivers of this demand increase? What is the steel tube industry’s role in this reference?

RS: Indeed, India’s burgeoning steel demand is quite an interesting phenomenon. Several underlying drivers contribute to this projected rise. A large part of it can be attributed to the “Make in India” initiative launched by our government. This campaign is fostering a manufacturing renaissance in the country, leading to increased investments and a surge in infrastructural development. Naturally, this has a positive effect on the steel industry, which is intrinsic to infrastructural progress.

Additionally, rapid urbanization and population growth are creating vast needs for housing and transport infrastructure, which in turn necessitate extensive steel usage. As per a recent report by Niti Aayog, around 40 percent of India’s population will live in urban areas by 2030, thus accentuating the demand for steel in construction.

Coming to the role of the steel tube industry, we at Grow Ever Steel have always seen ourselves as crucial contributors to the economic progress of our nation. From the automotive industry to light engineering, from hospital equipment to construction, our ERW MS precision steel tubes have a wide array of applications. As India’s consumption of finished steel grows, the demand for our specialized products is bound to increase, helping industries thrive, build, and innovate. As a company, we are committed to meeting this demand with the utmost quality and precision.

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TPI: Can you identify the major strengths and challenges associated with the Indian steel tube industry?

RS: The Indian steel tube industry has a robust backbone, primarily due to the factors we’ve mentioned above. Our major strengths lie in our growing domestic demand, a large market potential owing to our vast population and rapid urbanization, and the government’s pro-industry initiatives. Not to mention, India’s production cost advantage and technological advancements also bolster our competitiveness.

However, like any industry, we face our share of challenges. Price volatility in raw materials, transportation, and logistical issues, intense domestic and international competition, and environmental concerns are some of the key challenges that the industry grapples with. Quality control is another area we take very seriously, as our reputation rests upon it, especially when we have a vision of eventually expanding to export markets. Furthermore, frequent changes in government policies and regulations can create an environment of uncertainty that can affect the industry’s long-term planning.

At Grow Ever Steel, we believe in navigating these challenges with honesty, integrity, and hard work. As the founding director, my vision is to lead this company to be India’s #1 in our field, providing employment opportunities and contributing to India’s economic growth. And in doing so, we hope to put India on the global map, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and teamwork. Every challenge is an opportunity for us to grow and evolve, and we embrace this journey with optimism and grit.

TPI: Which government policies have benefitted the industry, and what other government support would you suggest in the coming years?

RS: A host of government policies have indeed played a pivotal role in shaping the steel industry in India, thereby benefiting us at Grow Ever Steel as well. Initiatives like the ‘Make in India’ campaign have promoted domestic manufacturing and have made India an attractive destination for foreign investment.
Moreover, the government’s adjustments of customs duties and import tariffs have fostered a competitive environment, protecting us from cheap imports. Likewise, the National Steel Policy’s primary focus on enhancing domestic steel production has not only stimulated growth but also spurred value addition in our industry. Easing business proceedings, promoting exports through schemes like MEIS and EPCG, and policies prioritizing the use of domestically produced steel in public infrastructure projects have all collectively fortified the steel industry’s foundation.

However, moving forward, the government could further aid the industry through increased infrastructure projects, grants, and skill development programs. Special Economic Zones (SEZs) tailored for steel tube manufacturing could provide substantial benefits including streamlined procedures, tax exemptions, and better infrastructure support. Furthermore, government initiatives promoting environmentally friendly technologies can enhance our industry’s global competitiveness. A keen focus on sustainable practices will help reinforce the overall industry image. Negotiating bilateral or multilateral trade agreements could open up new markets or reduce trade barriers, further bolstering the industry’s growth.

TPI: In light of all these market forces, what is Grow Ever Steel’s strategy going forward?

RS: At Grow Ever Steel, we are committed to excellence and innovation, and our strategy reflects this commitment. Our forward-looking approach incorporates five key elements:

  • Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations: We plan to expand our network by partnering with organizations that complement our business, providing us with access to new markets, resources, and expertise.
  • Technological Adoption: We believe in the power of digital transformation. Through data analytics, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of market trends and customer behavior, enabling us to make informed decisions.
  • Product Differentiation: We continuously strive for innovation to set our offerings apart from competitors. Our focus is to create unique selling points, ensuring our products stand out in the market.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: By understanding our customers’ needs, we are able to develop products and services that effectively address their requirements, thereby adding value to our target market.
  • Agility: As the market continues to evolve rapidly, staying agile and adaptive is crucial. We closely monitor market trends and customer preferences to swiftly identify opportunities and potential threats.

Our strategy reflects our vision of being India’s top player in the steel industry, promoting sustainable practices while expanding operations both domestically and globally. Through our plans, we aspire to generate interest and build trust among our customers, partners, and stakeholders, as we work to create a better future for our industry and our nation.

TPI: Which industries and application areas are served under the scope of Grow Ever Steel’s operations?

RS: At Grow Ever Steel (India) Private Limited, our core belief is that steel isn’t just a metal, but a versatile material that plays a crucial role in advancing industries and innovation across a broad spectrum of applications. We have strategically diversified our offerings to cater to an array of industries, aligning ourselves with India’s industrial growth and development.

  • Automotive: The automotive industry has been one of our major clients. Our ERW MS precision steel tubes are integral to the manufacturing of various automotive components, ensuring safety and durability. The World Steel Association cites that almost 60 percent of a car’s weight is made of steel, showcasing the material’s importance in this industry.
  • Bicycle and E-Vehicle: As a forward-looking enterprise, we acknowledge the importance of green transportation. Hence, we’ve expanded our operations to support the manufacturing of bicycles and electric vehicles. We provide precision tubes used in the frame, handlebars, and forks of these vehicles.
  • Construction: Our steel tubes are widely used in construction, offering strength and durability to buildings and infrastructure. According to the World Steel Association, steel is used in 50% of all materials used in construction and infrastructure, demonstrating its pivotal role in this industry.
  • Electrical and FMCD: We support the Electrical and Fast-Moving Consumer Durables (FMCD) industries by providing steel components for appliances, wiring systems, and various other electrical goods.
  • Furniture/Fitness: Our precision tubes form a crucial part of furniture and fitness equipment, adding durability and longevity to the products. With the fitness equipment market projected to reach USD 14.7 billion by 2028 (according to Grand View Research), the importance of high-quality steel cannot be underestimated.
  • Light Engineering: In the light engineering sector, our steel products are used in the manufacturing of a variety of machinery and equipment.
  • Medical/Hospital Equipment: In the healthcare sector, our products find applications in hospital furniture and various medical equipment, a testament to the trust placed in our products.
  • Railways: Steel remains an indispensable component of the railway industry, and our offerings cater to the production of rails, coaches, engine parts, and more.
  • Solar Power: Our tubes are utilized in the structures of solar panels, directly contributing to the harnessing of renewable energy. With the solar energy market in India expected to reach 4,056 MW by 2026 (according to the India Brand Equity Foundation), our role in this industry is of substantial importance.

In essence, Grow Ever Steel’s operations encompass a wide range of industries, making us a pivotal player in their respective supply chains. Our vision is to not only excel as a leading steel provider in India but also on a global scale, creating employment opportunities, and contributing to a more sustainable future. We are committed to achieving this vision with our values of honesty, integrity, hard work, and teamwork at the core of everything we do.

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