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Crippa’s Largest Exhibition of Tube Processing Machines in India


The Crippa company is a strong, cohesive industrial group, combining the expertise of Crippa SpA and SMI SRL to provide complementary industrial solutions and respond to new production challenges, serving as an international point of reference in tube processing. The company’s know-how has been brought together in a comprehensive catalogue, designed to respond to every type of work. Crippa is set to participate in the Tube & Pipe Fair, from 6-8 October 2023 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, and is constantly present in the Indian territory with its agent and service assistance, Pradman Engineering Services Private Limited.



Crippa’s 942XE is a CNC full-electric tube bending machine for tubes up to Ø 1.65”. Its bending head with direct transmission and a compact chassis ensures rigidity. Multistack and multiradius it can work with tools for variable radius thrust bending. The 942XE can be prepared to be equipped with busbar profile tooling to perform in-cycle plate and edge bending and twisting processes. Additionally, the 942XE can be fitted with several tools simultaneously also with different bending radii and clamping. Its compact design also makes it possible to fit the already existing tools. The machine offers a high production rate and can produce bends with a CLR/DIA ratio even less than 0.8. The 9 controlled axes that govern the machine are driven by absolute digital electric motors with Full Electric technology and controlled by a CNC Siemens 840D sl. Using the intuitive three-dimensional user Iso Interface programming software on a 19″ LCD touch screen, the operator can interact with the machine to simulate and optimize part programs. This machine is designed to be integrated into Smart Factory systems.

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Crippa’s MTP28 is exemplary in terms of modularity of SMI products. The MTP28 + PNP16 line is an integrated straightening and bending system, consisting of two main units, namely the MTP28 and the PNP16. The MTP28 is an orbital tube cutting machine with ‘full electric’ technology fed by coils. Upon input, a pinch-roll unit facilitates insertion of the tube for coil changes. The straightening and material feeding units may be supplied with systems for quick tooling changes. Each group is equipped with a pair of calibrated rollers aimed at ensuring the tube is perfectly circular. This feature is essential for ensuring high-quality cuts and durability of the tools. The orbital cutting head ensures processing free of swarf and chips. The PNP16 is a nipple bender dedicated to the production of nipples or U-bolts consisting of a central bending unit driven by a brushless motor controlled by the MTP28. The unit uses the tube feed of the tube cutter to determine the length of the bend. The motor that defines the bend is programmable by the tube cutter and a variable bend angle can be defined according to the production requirement. The entire unit is protected by a bonnet with a door that allows easy access for tool replacement and removal. The cell is equipped with a simplified interface and prepared for integration into smart factory systems.

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