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Jyoti Inox Private Limited: Providing Stainless Steel Solutions

Jyoti Inox
Mr. Sahil Garg – Director, Jyoti Inox Private Limited

Jyoti Inox Private Limited is the group that pioneered the introduction of stainless steel material in the rice industry. The company’s state of the art unit is fully equipped with advanced machinery like CNC cutting and bending machines, power shearing machine and even a complete welding workshop with arc welding. In a recent interview with Tube and Pipe India, Mr. Sahil Garg – Director, Jyoti Inox Private Limited shared with us the company’s business journey, market footprint, clientele and future plans.

Tube and Pipe India: Could you please give us a brief outline of the business journey of your company, along with its crucial milestones?

Sahil Garg: My father started this business in 1982, and in the 90s he started making stainless steel applications for the rice industry. After a period of time, he started making the spare parts for the rice industry machinery, which converted into manufacturing the complete machinery. Today, we are big suppliers of rice mill machinery in stainless steel only. With the newer generations joining the company, we have launched the stainless steel water tank and stainless steel plumbing for various buildings.

TPI: Kindly cast some light on the machinery installed at your facility.

SG: Currently, we have a 6-acres factory. However, we will be shifting from our current factory to a new 10-acres factory for tube mills. In our factory, various laser welding and laser cutting machines are installed, which are imported from Japan, Germany and Taiwan. We have a range of welding technologies and plasma cutters to suit a wide variety of production requirements as different jobs require different technologies. The factory and plant layout we have here includes state-of-the-art CNC laser cutting machines, CNC hydraulic machine, NC hydraulic shearing machine, sheet bending machine, decoiler & straightening machines.

TPI: Please shed some light on the services provided by the company.

SG: All our fittings are imported from Taiwan, Japan and Germany. Our services include stainless steel plumbing and PEX plumbing, and we import the special plumbing that is Pert-Al-Pert Completed Imported from Germany. These are the special plumbing we provide.

TPI: What are the future plans for the company?

SG: We plan to provide stainless steel solutions all over India. We also aim to expand our business to more industries, like the food processing, automobile industry, semiconductors industry and others. In the next 6 months, we will be building a new factory for making high precision and high pressure stainless steel pipes. In the future, we aim to go for laser welding technology for the tube mills. We are preparing for this change and purchasing machines.

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TPI: Please shed some light on the clientele of your company.

SG: We mainly supply to big consumers like residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotels and hospitals. We supply to major businesses like Adani, as well as many hospitals in India. Our main supply also goes to the food industry, including clients like Cremica group and Priyagold. Our clientele also includes all the big rice exporters in India like India Gate, Daawat, Kohinoor and others. We also manufacture tanks for industries like pharma and dairy. Currently we are providing tubes and pipes for plumbing services to India’s biggest hospital, Amrita.

TPI: Please share your outlook on the tube and pipe industry.

SG: The Indian tube and pipe industry is progressing really well and India has started to export very well too. It is a huge advantage that after COVID-19, India had many prospective to export. Many small businesses flourished as they received big orders. The stainless steel pipes that we work with are going to be in demand for use in hydrogen cars. This is because hydrogen cars create vapors and stainless steel will be installed to make sure those vapors don’t oxidize.

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