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LN Tech Solution to Ramp Up its Manufacturing

“We have reached to a good turnover in the last fiscal year and we are aiming to have a growth of around 70-75% this year.”

ln tech solution
Mr. Harmesh L. Patel, Director, LN Tech Solution

LN Tech Solution is a newly established company that provides sheet metal solutions to a variety of industries across the country. The Gujarat-based company, established in 2020, provides advanced equipment with cuttingedge technology for metal operations such as laser cutting, laser marking, and laser welding, as well as NC/CNC press brake and punching machines. The company also sells laser consumables, which are important components of high-tech systems. In a conversation with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. Harmesh L. Patel, Director, LN Tech Solution shares interesting developments about the company.

Tube & Pipe India: Could you please give us a brief outline of the business journey of LN Tech Solution?

Harmesh L. Patel: LN Tech Solution is a one-and-ahalf- year-old company. It is a manufacturer and supplier of laser pipe-cutting machines, laser welding machines, repair services, etc. Talking about my journey, I’ve been in the field of lasers for the last 18 years. Being a technical person, I’ve closely seen the needs as well as the ups & downs of the industry.

TPI: Kindly cast some light on the infrastructure of the facility.

HLP: We are basically located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our office is in Kathwada GIDC, which is a prime industrial location. Besides in-house manufacturing, we also import a few of the machines. While we make small machines right now, we aspire to manufacture large machines in the near future. We have a space of around 1000 sq ft available at our facility.

TPI: Tell us about your product portfolio and its applications.

HLP: We deal in sheet metal working machinery and our specialization is in the laser sector. We cater to almost all the key industries like engineering, aerospace, kitchen equipment, and pharmaceuticals with various products like laser cutting systems for sheets, laser pipe cutting machines, laser CNC press brakes, punching machines, laser marking machines, etc. Our company is a one-stop solution provider for the sheet metal industry.

TPI: What are the recent developments and future plans of your company?

HLP: Recently, we have launched a new product for the Indian market – a pipe-cutting machine that can process six-meter-long pipes. It’s a very good product for the industries that are manufacturing end products from pipes like gym equipment, bicycles, and automobiles. I am sure all such sectors will benefit from this product. In the future, we might expand the production of these machines. Our aim is to expand our manufacturing operations. We have looked for a bigger space at Kathwada GIDC and we are going to manufacture many of the machines that we currently import to India.

ln tech solution

TPI: Could you shed some light on the clientele and market footprint of LN Tech Solution?

HLP: Talking about our client base, there are various companies from different industries such as engineering, pharmaceuticals, and kitchen equipment. Most of these companies happen to be from the MSME sector. We are promoting our products to the MSME sector so that they can build good machines with our machinery and cater to the international markets along with their domestic market reach. We have sold tube & pipe laser cutting machines in Delhi and Ahmedabad. Most of them are manufacturing furniture or gym equipment.

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TPI: Share your outlook on the tube & pipe industry.

HLP: The tube & pipe industry has a very good position in India. Nowadays, it has become a very important part of any machinery. Earlier, if people wanted to make any structure, they used sheets, but now they use tubes & pipes as it is not only flexible but also easier to process. Be it automobile or architecture, every sector is now using tubes & pipes for different applications.

TPI: What is the technology and business roadmap of the Company?

HLP: We have reached to a good turnover in the last fiscal year and we are aiming to have a growth of around 70-75% this year. And for this, we plan to expand our team as well as our product portfolio. Later this year, we would be introducing a new product – CNC pipe bending machines which again play a major role in the tube & pipe industry.

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