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Mechatronics to Set Up a Manufacturing Unit in India

“We take due care that our services meet the requirements of the customers in every way possible!”


Mechatronics Industrial Equipment is a one-stop solution provider for industrial automation. Over the years, Mechatronics has strengthened its operation by providing critical turnkey solutions in pneumatics, hydraulic, electrical, and electronics applications with its wide range of products, competent team of engineers, and modern machinery. The company operates in India under the name of Mechatronics Control Equipments India Pvt. Ltd. In a conversation with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. Lokesh D, Vice President, Mechatronics Control Equipments India Pvt. Ltd. shares interesting details about the company’s operations in the country.

Tube & Pipe India: Could you please give us a brief outline of your company along with future plans?

Lokesh D: Dubai-based Mechatronics started its operations in India in 2008 with its headquarters in Chennai. Talking about our sales, we cover all major regions in India. As a group, our revenue is around USD 25 million. We have around twenty-two different products for industrial automation for which, we are a pan-India business partner. We mostly deal with European products.

In the first quarter of 2023, we will come up with our own manufacturing unit in Chennai. The plant will be equipped with in-house CNC machines for the production of hydraulic cylinders. In the future, we might also export the products manufactured at the facility. Besides our own manufacturing plant, we would also come up with a few joint ventures in India.

TPI: What has persuaded you to invest in India in such a big way?

LD: It is projected that India is going to be a major manufacturing hub. Additionally, there are a lot of transformations happening globally which will push forward India’s focus on manufacturing. We want to capture this opportunity and tap the Indian market by setting up our own manufacturing unit.

TPI: Tell us about the product range of the company along with the USPs.

LD: Our product portfolio includes compressed air pipelines made of aluminum. We procure the air pipelines from Aignep-INFINITY, Italy. The non– corrosive extruded aluminum provides structural strength and delivers contaminate-free fluid in a leak free piping system. Easy install fittings and patented zero condensate tee, all go together to keep the fluid flow laminar by reducing turbulence, minimizing pressure drop, and removing condensation.

Another product is specifically for water and chemical industry-related applications. Apart from this, we provide critical turnkey solutions in pneumatics, hydraulic, electrical and electronics applications. Some are vacuum technology products that are used for industrial and automation purposes.


TPI: Could you enlighten us about the clientele of your company?

LD: We supply our products to various renowned players such as JSW, Hitachi, Reliance BP Mobility Ltd, and Bharat Forge and have around 400 clients in India who regularly buy from us. Be it the public sector units or private companies, we are present everywhere in the country. Last year, our revenue was INR 16 crore and we expect to reach INR 20 crore this year.

TPI: What opportunities do you see in the tube & pipe industry and how do you plan to make the best of it?

LD: Earlier, GI pipes were used for compressed air pipelines; however, now people are gradually shifting towards aluminium. In my understanding, aluminium has huge growth potential in the tube & pipe industry.

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We will be strongly focussing on all hydraulic products that we intend to come of our own. Slowly, we will check the possibility of doing value addition in the products that we import, so that we are able to give a quality product to our end users. We want to focus on the Aignep- INFINITY compressed air pipelines, which is their patented technology that assures a leak-proof warranty of 10 years. We had undertaken some installations of these about ten years ago and didn’t receive any complaints from the customers yet. In fact, we get repeat orders from most of the customers and they seem happy with our workmanship. We take due care that our services meet the requirements of the customers in every way possible!

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