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Mac Bending: Catering to Customer Centric Solutions

mac bending
Mr. Serdar Menteş – Overseas Sales and Marketing Manager, Mac Bending

Created by M-Bend Makine Ltd. Şti, Mac Bending has continued to produce innovative and technological metal processing machines with their expert staff and experience in the industry. In an interview with Tube and Pipe India, Mr. Serdar Menteş – Overseas Sales and Marketing Manager, Mac Bending, gave insightful information about manufacturing for special projects, increasing manufacturing capacity, market footprint of the company as well as the future trends.

Tube & Pipe India: Could you please give a brief outline of the business journey of your company, along with its crucial milestones?

Serdar Menteş: Our Company has been in this market for 10 years. Initially, we used to manufacture special projects. However, since the past 4 years we have been specifically working on profile bending, pipe bending and sheet bending machineries. In domestic markets, we have our own machines and we are working as an outsource company. That is our source of getting feedback about our company. So if there is an issue with any machine, we can repair it before the customer complains. That is also the reason that we are giving 3 years warranty, unlike general machinery companies. Even if a customer presents an offer to us, we are happy to make it. This means we trust our machinery and have an open mind to cater to our customers.

TPI: Kindly cast some light on the manufacturing capabilities of your facility.

SM: Last year we manufactured around 300 machines. However, this year we will be increasing our capacity as we are building a new factory, which will be finished before summer. Another reason to increase our capacity is our business expansion. For a long time, we have been supplying only to domestic markets. However, since the past 6 months we have started supplying to markets abroad as well.

TPI: Tell us about your product portfolio along with its key strengths and applications.

SM: Our product catalog includes profile bending machines, pipe bending molds, sheet bending machines specially to make sheets round like a pipe or pole. Generally, the machinery can be of 3 kinds: manual, NC and CNC. NC machines are semi-automatic, which means the user has to bend the first program themselves and save it, and then the machine will read the design automatically. We are currently working on a new software CNC machine which will be fully automatic. The CNC software is already finished. However, we will be properly testing it before offering it to customers. So it will take a few months before we put it in the market as we want to be 100 percent sure that the software is working and eliminate any issues. When the full version is ready it will be a good competitor in the market.

TPI: What are your future plans for the pipe industry?

SM: We are ready for the future. We have certain ideas in our mind and developments for our machinery. We develop our products through gaining feedback from the customer and staying updated with the market. Our outsource company is a really good place for innovation. We can customize and provide what the customer needs. This is our future plan for increasing capacity.

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TPI: Please shed some light on the market footprint and the clientele of your company.

SM: In the domestic market, our clients are end users. However, for markets abroad travelling to each country is not easy or possible in some cases. So for all business abroad, our clients are the dealers. Currently, we have dealer clients in 5 countries. Despite being new in the abroad market, our business is developing rapidly in that sector. We have a business expansion method as well. When we visit exhibitions or large scale public events, we meet many potential customers who show interest in our business. After the events, we visit the most serious customers and discuss working together.

TPI: Please share your outlook on how the market is evolving in the tube and pipe industry.

SM: When we look around us, the metal market is growing well. There are many industries which utilize metal, which means that the metal market will only go up and perform better. We are grateful to be working in this market and hopefully we will improve and grow ourselves in the market as well.

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