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Leonhardt Manufacturing Launches Leonhardt Metal Worx Facility to Serve Mid-Sized Customers


Leonhardt Manufacturing officially opened its Leonhardt Metal Worx facility at Hanover, to serve the specific requirements of its mid-sized customers. The new unit offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the diverse needs of clients across various industries. May 12, 2023 Leonhardt Manufacturing announced the official opening of Leonhardt Metal Worx, an initiative from […]

WAFIOS BMZ 6 Allows Customization in 3D CNC Small Tubes Bending Process


WAFIOS’ new product, BMZ 6 CNC tube bender, is a new compact machine developed for bending of small parts, with the production of highly complex component geometries through combining various bending processes.  Jun 14, 2023 The latest BMZ 6 CNC tube bender by WAFIOS, a compact machine which can bend small parts from tube or […]

CML International: No Mandrel Tube Bending Machines

cml international

Founded in 1973, CML International S.p.A. started out as an Italian manufacturer of small push-type benders and their line of business includes developing and patenting portable tube bending machines. During an interaction with Tube & Pipe India, Mr. Michael Simonelli – Area Manager, CML International S.p.A., shares the company’s journey, their smart factory infrastructure, innovative […]

Müller Opladen: Sustainability and Clean Energy is the Future of the Industry


Müller Opladen Gmbh is a German engineering and manufacturing company that sold its first pipe profile-cutting machine in 1953. Since then the company has been manufacturing the world’s best CNC profile-cutting machines, for the 3D cutting of steel pipes, vessels and structural steel workpieces, and welding machinery. In 2023, the company considers sustainability and clean […]

Mac Bending: Catering to Customer Centric Solutions

mac bending

Created by M-Bend Makine Ltd. Şti, Mac Bending has continued to produce innovative and technological metal processing machines with their expert staff and experience in the industry. In an interview with Tube and Pipe India, Mr. Serdar Menteş – Overseas Sales and Marketing Manager, Mac Bending, gave insightful information about manufacturing for special projects, increasing […]

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