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SMS group’s X-Pact® Quicksetting: An Intelligent System for Highly Flexible Production

Combining the automation system with an intelligent database, the X-Pact® Quicksetting system provides intelligent connectivity and systematic integration of knowledge and data.

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X-Pact® Quicksetting is an intelligent setting system developed by the SMS group for HF tube welding lines. Since it reduces change-over and setting times in welded tube plants, productivity gets significantly increased. Also, the product quality can be reproduced and continuously improved by means of database-supported plant settings. The system fulfills the current requirements for high flexibility in production with ever smaller batch sizes and wider production mixes.

The Quicksetting module, which has been successfully in use for many years for ERW welded tube plants, was implemented in 2019. With the new implementation, it received an update using current software technology and a new, web-based user interface. At the same time, this new Quicksetting module was integrated into the X-Pact® brand family.

Combining the automation system with intelligent database software creates the link between plant engineering, technological know-how, and operation. The X-Pact® Quicksetting system provides intelligent connectivity and systematic networking of knowledge and data.

The X-Pact® Quicksetting stores the parameters and roll data for the product portfolio in a database. The data record can then be gradually supplemented to include the plant owner’s customised settings.

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As part of X-Pact® Process Guidance, X-Pact® Quicksetting easily allows you to get the best out of your plant: The intuitive user interface of the intelligent, database-supported software is used by the operator to set the desired tube format and transfer it to the plant – corresponding settings are then executed automatically. The settings can be easily stored to achieve reproducible results. In this way, tubes with the same parameters and quality can be reliably reproduced later.

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