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Ghana Adds 110-Km Natural Gas Pipeline to Existing Network

Genser Energy, Ghana, has successfully constructed a 110-kilometer natural gas pipeline within five months. The energy company has been collaborating with Ghanaian authorities and has contributed to building 430 kilometers of oil and gas pipeline network.

Jun 15, 2023

Natural Gas Pipeline

Genser Energy, Ghana, has successfully completed the construction of a 110-kilometer natural gas pipeline. Over 12,000 steel pipes were purchased, delivered, and assembled to complete the project. The pipeline will substantially reduce power transmission losses afflicting the country and shall position Kumasi as a pivotal hub for future developmental initiatives and employment opportunities. 

The company completed the project within five months, all the while various external and internal adverse factors demanded attention, such as disruptions in the global supply chain, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and economic hurdles and inflationary pressures within the country.

Since 2018, Genser Energy has played a crucial role in the development of an extensive pipeline network spanning 430 kilometers.

Mr. Henry Abeiku Oppong, the Project Manager of the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) team, stated, “It is an honor to be part of this transformative endeavor, which will leave a lasting impact on the nation’s infrastructure and the lives of its people. Together, we have built a legacy of teamwork and resilience, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and collaboration. This success fuels our optimism for Ghana’s bright future in the energy sector.”

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Mr. Edward Lotsi, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control Superintendent, commented, “Throughout the project, my utmost priority was to ensure that every aspect adhered to the highest standards of Quality Assurance and Quality Control. From meticulously verifying incoming materials to preparing essential documents such as the Inspection Test Plan (ITP), test reports, and the construction dossier, we left no stone unturned in maintaining the project’s integrity and meeting all specifications.”

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